5 Local Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle Accounts to Follow


Cat videos are fun and all, but our favourite thing about social media has to be the endless inspiration. And while there are countless options for accounts to follow from all around the world, we’ll always have a soft spot for our home-town faves. Here are five recommendations for who to follow to get your makeup, home, and style inspiration.


The bio promises ‘your daily dose of pretty’ and there’s not really a better way to describe this fashion and travel account.


If you’re into crystals or astrology, you’ll love this account. If you’re not into those things, you’ll still love the beautiful photography (and cute dog).


This fashion account is fun and a little quirky in a way that feels accessible.


Beautifully photographed, beautifully designed spaces that will blow you away.


Enjoy sweet baby pics mixed in with shot’s of this cool mom’s unique vintage style.

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