10 Doable Ways You Can Be a Little Greener This Year


Chances are we can all agree that making better choices for our planet matters. But we can likely also agree that sometimes, the whole situation can feel a little overwhelming. What can each of us really do to make a difference? Well, small changes might be small, but we believe that when a lot of people start to shift behaviours, big things can happen. To get us all started, we’ve rounded up a few examples of how you can adjust your day-to-day products and purchases to be a little greener in 2020.

Reusable water bottles and to-go mugs are one of the easiest ways to reduce the amount of waste you’re responsible for sending to the landfill. There are so many beautiful, functional options available that there’s really no excuse – it’s just a matter of getting into the habit.

• To-go mug: Starbucks, $22.95
• Purple water bottle: DAVIDsTEA, $25
• Matt & Nat tote: Boes, $125
• Patterned blue water bottle: Starbucks, $31.95
• Stainless steel water bottle: DAVIDsTEA, $25

Single-use plastics are a huge downer, and plastic straws are a major culprit. Countless numbers of straws are found in our oceans, and pose a threat to wildlife. Many restaurants, coffee shops, and other outlets have made the switch to reusable straws, and you can too!

• Set of 3 reusable straws: DAVIDsTEA, $14

Compostable items, like these compostable tea filters, are another great option for skipping the landfill.

• Compostable tea filters: DAVIDsTEA, $12

Plastic wrap is one of those conveniences that many of us find hard to give up. If you’re in that boat, consider switching to a beeswax food wrap, which offers the same level of convenience in a reusable format. And those plastic produce bags at the grocery store? Swap them out for much more aesthetically pleasing and infinitely more environmentally friendly reusable produce bags.

• Goldilocks beeswax food wrap: Chapters, $30
• Ever Eco organic cotton net produce bags (set of 4): Chapters, $22
• Ever Eco organic cotton muslin produce bags (set of 4): Chapters, $22

Packing a lunch is a great way to avoid unnecessary waste, but obviously sometimes grabbing lunch to-go is just going to happen – and that’s ok! Consider keeping a reusable food container and utensils at your office for those days. Many food retailers will accept your reusable container rather than using a disposable to-go box.

• Ever Eco stainless steel bento snack box: Chapters, $25
• W&P Design Porter utensil set with silicone carrying case: Chapters, $22.50

Food and beverage isn’t the only culprit – beauty products and skincare products are another major source of disposable packaging in our homes, but Lush can really help you out with that. Along with many packaging-free options, their black pots can be returned to the store to be recycled into new tubs, for a closed-loop packaging solution. And here’s another fun fact – 5% of the black pots and 2% of their plastic bottles is made up of ocean plastic.

•Ultraplant Facial Cleanser: Lush, $18

Lastly, get eco-inspired by talking to the people around you about little changes they’re making in their day-to-day lives. There are also many great books on the topic to flip through.

Waste Not Everyday – 365 Ways to Reduce, Reuse and Reconnect by Erin Rhoads: Chapters, $21.50

We’d love to hear about your tips and the changes you’ve been making – share your thoughts on Instagram or Facebook.

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