5 Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow!


We’re Instagram obsessed. With a never-ending feed of gorgeous photos to peruse, it’s easily become one of our favourite places to gather style inspiration, check out new products, and just plain daydream.

Our retailers have some of the best feeds around – here are five we can’t get enough of:

Tiny little shoes, fuzzy onesies, hats with animal ears… even if you don’t have little ones, you’ll get all warm and fuzzy at these adorable shots of chubby babies and elfin toddlers doing their thing in Gap’s signature bright and preppy style. GapKids keeps their feed clean and soft with minimalist moodboard-style outfit shots and shares of well-shot pics from cool kids (many from popular blogger mamas) wearing their gear.

Instagram was made for the navel-gazing shoe selfie and Aldo nails them every time. Glitter booties, gladiator sandals, roughed-up brogues, spiky heels, comfy sneaks, slouchy motorcycle boots… we could go on forever! The bottom line is: love shoes? Then you gotta follow this account! Their feed is endlessly chic.

Is there such thing as coffee porn? Just like their stores, the Starbucks Instagram feed is cozy, dreamy, and promises inspiration at every turn. We don’t really need to be reminded that we need another latte, but we sure don’t mind loving on this account and its pretty shots of coffee consumption in all its beautiful glory. Hashtags let us share pics and join in on the fun, and special offers and discounts are also posted.

We’ve always loved Ricki’s affordable style and great range of sizes – they really nail that “love the skin you’re in” thing. So it’s no surprise that their Instagram feed is just as awesome. Peppered among the #ootd ideas are inspirational quotes that give us that little boost we need when we’re scrolling through photos and find ourselves falling down the rabbit hole of comparison.

How else could we go backstage at New York Fashion Week from our desk on a Monday morning?? From the experimental to the sublime, MAC takes us behind the scenes to the fantasy worlds of runways shows, magazine shoots, and celebrity events. Even if your idea of bold is to try a new lipstick once a year, MAC’s magical feed will make you dream of trying one of their dramatic looks.

We’re always looking for new inspiration - what are your favourite Instagram feeds to follow? And don’t forget that we’re there too - @stvitalcentre. We’d love for you to come join our community and chat fashion, beauty, style and everything St. Vital Centre.

*all images credited to the noted Instagram accounts.

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