Keeping St. Vital Centre Green


We’re proud to earn the BOMA BEST Platinum Distinction for Outstanding Environmental Stewardship! In celebration of Earth Day coming up, we’re highlighting some of our green initiatives and how much we’ve lessened our carbon footprint. 

We have continued with our composting program with dedicated sorting stations inside our Food Hall with some help from our wonderful staff working the stations.

Composting may seem complicated at first, but it's a hugely beneficial way to help lower greenhouse emissions, remove harmful CO2 microbes from the air, and ensures less garbage ends up in landfills. One easy way you can help is by bringing your food waste from the Food Hall to one of our sorting stations. From there we will take care of the rest of the dirty work by sorting through the garbage, recycling, composting and disposing of it to ensure all waste is handled correctly.

Since the beginning of our Composting Program in January 2022 we have diverted over 70,000 lbs of compost and liquids from landfills.

We’re also proud to be recognized for our environmental stewardship! In December 2022, we were awarded Platinum Status from BOMA, the highest level within the BOMA BEST scale. We’re proud to be a part of the growing community of shopping centres meeting these standards.

By using less energy and producing less waste - you can help reduce your own carbon footprint, and there are plenty of ways to live more sustainably. From using reusable alternatives, donating unused items, or using eco-friendly cleaning products!

Since beginning our LEAF (Learn. Enrich. Act. Flourish) initiatives, we’ve added:

  • Daylight Harvesting that eliminates unnecessary power usage.

  • Updated Building Automation System that monitors all heating, ventilation, and lighting to ensure efficiency of use.

  • Real-time Data Tracking – energy consumption data is tracked on a real-time basis to identify issues early, and ensure we are meeting expected targets

  • Contractors must adhere to Green Cleaning requirements including minimizing chemical use wherever possible, use of sustainable cleaning materials, products, equipment, janitorial paper products, and trash bags

  • Our current custodial contractor uses a Stabilized Aqueous Ozone cleaning system which helps prevent 6 million litres (1,560,000 gallons) per month of toxic chemicals from being emptied into a landfill, groundwater, streams, and rivers

Want to know what else we’re doing to stay green? Learn more about our green initiatives here.

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