How to Wipe Away the Chaos of Spring Cleaning


Whether you love it or hate it - spring cleaning time is upon us. To satisfy both camps we have gathered some of the best and trendiest cleaning aids from the Centre to help get the job done fast and efficiently. We’ve enlisted Elyse Sidon from ES Cleaning Services to share her best tips and tricks for chipping away at that nagging to-do list.

First things first, let’s not put too much pressure on ourselves and instead look at each task as a small win! Getting overwhelmed is easy when we have busy lives, so give yourself credit and tackle one task at a time. Let’s start with some items that often get forgotten (or put off - we understand!), but Elyse suggests adding to your seasonal cleaning routine:

  • Dusting off any ceiling fans

  • Washing plastic or metal (not wood) floor vents - TIP: a great way to do this would be placing them in the dishwasher and running a cycle

  • Scrubbing the tops of upper cupboards - TRICK: once the tops are clean you can tape down some wax paper or paper towels to the tops of the cupboard so it can collect dust. Throw away the paper towel next season for easier cleanup.

  • Deep cleaning the dishwasher - TIP: run a cycle of vinegar to leave it smelling fresher

  • Deep cleaning inside the washer/dryer  - TIP: once it’s all clean you can run a cycle of vinegar in the washer as well!

  • Cleaning and organizing the inside of cupboards - TRICK: Move around staples such as canned goods. This helps to evaluate what you have, and what you need and avoids exceeding expiry dates.

Let’s be real, we’re not going to be checking every item off the list this season, but if you can pick a few that’s great. Leave some for next season 😉. If you’re looking to clean things in high-traffic areas, Elyse has a handy list of places and items that are often overlooked:


- High exhaust vent - usually located on the wall or ceiling.

- Bathroom lights - a simple wipe with a damp cloth will do the trick!

- Showerhead - TRICK: wrap a bag of vinegar and tie it around the shower head and leave for approximately one hour, scrub afterwards. This helps to get dirt and grime off and also works for hard water.

- Inside of a toilet tank - TIP: let vinegar sit inside the tank for an hour or more, scrub Inside - flush toilet - repeat the steps if needed.

- Bathroom mat - throw it in the washing machine/dryer to give it new life.

- Shower curtain and liner - toss it in the washing machine using the gentle cycle and vinegar. Even the plastic lining can be washed.

- Garbage can - replacing a liner garbage bag is one thing, but it’s good to also give the garbage can a deep clean inside and out.


- Pull out the oven and fridge to clean underneath, sides and behind.
- Clean out and organize inside the cupboards. Wash the glassware or dishes that may have been collecting dust and haven’t been used in a while.
- Place back the cups upside down so no dust settles inside.
- Clean the inside of the oven:

  • Use a fume-free oven cleaner (recommendation below). Reason for fume-free cleaners? They don’t ruin most self-cleaning ovens. Check the owner's manual and warranty on your specific oven.

  • Spray the entire inside, avoiding the fan.

  • Spray oven glass inside (avoiding the small hole - as it will leave drop marks inside the glass). Leave cleaner on for approximately 45 mins.

  • Scrub inside with stainless steel cleaning pads (such as SOS brand). You may have to repeat if the oven is in bad shape.

  • Make sure to wash the inside several times with water to make sure there’s no leftover residue. TIP: It’s a great idea to buy an alunimum oven liner that catches any oven mess for a much easier clean in the future.

  • Note: DO NOT spray oven cleaner on stainless steel or floors as it will ruin stainless steel. Wipe off with water immediately if you accidentally spray it or the product drips.

  • TIP: Use a garbage bag below the oven and floor to protect the floor.

- Wash the inside of the fridge:

  • Take out all food/items/condiments.

  • Mix hot water, vinegar and Dawn dish soap together. Wash and dry the inside of the fridge.

  • Don’t forget to clean in-between the plastic door silicone, along with the bottom plastic vent under the front outside of the fridge - you can take this piece off and scrub it in the sink or dishwasher if it fits.

  • Throw away old food and organize items as you put them back in the fridge.

  • TIP: To keep your fridge smelling fresh - clean it with a tiny bit of vanilla, and leave baking soda inside!

- Clean inside the microwave:

  • Heat up a bowl of vinegar and water for approximately five minutes. Leave the door shut for an additional three minutes - this helps to loosen up dirt and food that may have built up.

  • Open microwave and scrub clean!

  • Don’t forget to clean the outside of the microwave too! Wipe the top and lift it to clean underneath and behind.

Everyone has their own tried and true methods and products that they stand by. Some products are known for their quality or for how effective they are. Here’s our list of some personal favs that we’ve been using over the years.

Favourite products:

Vinegar and water: They’re a classic go-to cleaning combo for a reason! Yes, it might have a french fry smell at first, but the smell goes away after 15 minutes. It’s a natural way of cleaning and works really well, especially on hard water and bathroom scum.

Dawn dish soap: A small amount of Dawn dish soap and hot water are great for dusting or washing vinyl or tile floors. Make sure when dusting you are using a damp microfibre cloth to dust and a clean dry cloth afterwards so it doesn’t leave water marks or spots.

Barkeeper's Friend: Great for stove tops, scrubbing sinks, and particularly good for rust stains! It’s also great on copper. Try cleaning an old rusty or tarnished tea set or silver wear with Barkeeper’s Friend! Leave it on for approximately 30 minutes and wash off! Great for shower scum and toilets as well!

Tide: A bucket of hot water and a teaspoon of Tide are great for washing walls, doors, baseboards and lifting dirt from floors. NOTE: make sure not to use too much detergent or it can leave a white film.

Magic Erasers: They’re great for getting scum off of showers, or almost anywhere. TIP clean your shoes with a Magic Eraser to keep your kicks looking fresh!

Fume-free Easy Off oven cleaner: This is a safe oven cleaner! Make sure you do not spray the oven cleaner on floors or stainless as it could leave permanent marks.

Microfibre cloths: These are a game changer and the best option to leave surfaces spot-free! Make sure you are switching cloths out regularly and never use the same onefor a different area of the house.

Rubber gloves: Protect your skin and keep your hands clean from any messes or chemicals.

Disclaimer: Please read the labels and warnings before using any products to ensure it’s being used on the appropriate materials or surfaces within your home.

Products featured can be found at the following retailers in St. Vital Centre:

  • London Drugs; Vinegar, Dawn dish soap, Barkeeper’s Friend, Tide, Magic Erasers, rubber gloves, microfibre cloths, shower liner, bath mat

  • Oomomo; microfibre cloths, rubber gloves, bath mat

  • Thinkkitchen; microfibre cloths

  • Walmart; Vinegar, Dawn dish soap, Tide, Magic Erasers, rubber gloves, microfibre cloths, shower liner, bath mat

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