9 Simple Tips to Help You Unwind


No one can escape the toll stress, anxiety, pain and social pressures take on us. What we can try to control is how we can find little ways to reduce the impact and help one another navigate through it. From having the courage to open up, to lending a helping hand, it’s important to identify when you need to reflect and share. Finding some comforting rituals and great reads can not only provide time for relaxation but offer advice and tips for a mentally happy and healthy self. Here are some of our favourites for unwinding and giving yourself a break from the stressors in life.

Weighted blanket
Whether you’re having trouble sleeping or want to ease anxiety, weighted blankets can bring a sense of calm and put you into rest mode.

Magnesium line of products
Lush recently came out with a line of skincare products that feature magnesium which promote relaxation for both your body and mind.

Proper pillow
Finding the right pillow may be just what you need to restore a restful sleep and relieve aches and pains due to improper alignment.

It’s no secret that Winnipeg winters are cold and dry, which leads to skin and sinus irritation. Having a humidifier or diffuser running will help bring in moisture and improve overall comfort to the room.

Essential oils
Essential oils can be found in a variety of products which allow you to use them at home or on the go. From bath salts to topical roll-ons they can create a sense of solace whenever you need it.

Sleep eye mask
Whether you’re looking for headache relief or a better sleep, an eye mask can help you fall asleep faster by blocking out light.

Herbal teas 
There are a number of retailers in the Centre where you can find a calming caffeine-free tea that promotes relaxation. Whether you prefer flavours of peppermint, camomile or valerian root, stores like T. Kettle, Second Cup, Love Local, London Drugs or Indigo have you covered.

Skin or hair care routine
Letting your hair down is a figure of speech for a reason. Being able to relax with a skin or haircare routine (no matter how basic or complex) is symbolic of making time for yourself and practicing much-needed self-care.

Physical activity boosts endorphins and can be a great way to destress. Whether you’re walking in the Centre to get moving in the colder months, or hitting up Fit4Less for a sweat session at the gym, you can find ways to stay active regularly. Footlocker, Old Navy, Reitmans and Sport Chek can provide you with comfortable activewear to help build that motivation!

There’s no magic solution for making stress disappear, but the key is finding what works for you and your daily routine. Of course, essential oils and comfy blankets don’t alleviate all of our anxiety and worries, but there are also great local resources that can provide support from family and crisis to employment and housing services, for all ages and walks of life. Here is a list of organizations and businesses in Winnipeg that provide mental health services.

Stores featured:
Hudson’s Bay
London Drugs
Love Local MB
Old Navy
Quilts Etc.
Second Cup
Sport Chek
The Body Shop

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