Back to School Shopping with @bottlesnblondes


The long days of summer will soon be replaced with cooler weather and more regular routines and that means only one thing - it is time for back-to-school prep. Ashley @bottlesnblondes is our featured guest blogger this week sharing her delightful back-to-school shopping experience. We’re sure many parents and caregivers will be able to relate. Here is Ashley’s story about her visit to St. Vital Centre where she was ableto check off so many of the essential items on her list.

Summer is almost over which means we are fully preparing for the changing of the seasons. This Fall, we’re heading into a new season of life with Mase going to Kindergarten. The last two years for preschool, I have done all our shopping online. Now, Kindergarten is a big deal for us! It’s the beginning of a brand-new chapter for my little boy, and I want him to feel confident and comfortable. We decided to have a little day date and go shopping together at St. Vital Centre. Mase is little Mr. Independent; he goes into his room every morning and picks out his clothes for the day and gets himself dressed. He likes what he likes, and I knew he would want to come with me and pick out some new clothes. My must-haves for him were sweats, long-sleeved and short-sleeved shirts, zip-up hoodies, a new backpack, and runners. His must-haves were Pikachu and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles…so away we went!

We found everything we needed and more without breaking the bank. Mase went and picked out his backpack and shirts with pride, and was happily telling everyone in the stores that he was going to Kindergarten. Mase found top picks at The Children’s Place, Carter’s | OshKosh and Walmart. We had dinner at the Food Hall and enjoyed an ice cream cone at Dairy Queen to celebrate!

I was thrilled that back-to-school shopping wasn’t stressful, it was FUN! Mason has a brand-new wardrobe and now this mama can focus on mentally preparing for the big day since we are prepared otherwise.

Stores featured in this blog include Carter’s | Osh Gosh, The Children’s Place, and Walmart.

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