Coffee... Barista Style!


While nothing beats treating yourself to a rich, expertly crafted cuppa, some days (especially now!) we just want to stay home in our PJs while still being able to enjoy a next-level coffee. Here are our favourites (that don’t break the bank) for the must-have coffee makers, accessories, and beans that every java lover should have in their home.

Drip coffee is great, convenient, and easy to make. But, it’s just a cup of coffee. To really up your game, try one of the many Espresso machines, moka pots, french presses, and accessories available without spending a fortune to get that expertly prepared little cup of heaven.

You can spend thousands of dollars or a few hundred on a good quality espresso machine and you will never turn back once you have enjoyed the results. One of our faves is Breville’s The Bambino Stainless Steel Espresso Machine available at Hudson’s Bay.

Or, enjoy espresso the traditional Italian style and pick up a stove top moka pot. Easy to use, gorgeous design, and the results are amazing. Bialetti’s Moka Express - available at Hudson’s Bay and London Drugs - is truly an exceptional addition to any at-home coffee bar.

Because France, Italy, and even the USA are still arguing over who came up with the idea, you know this is one type of coffee to get into now. French Press requires a kettle as well as a press, but believe us when we say there is nothing like the satisfaction of gently pushing the plunger down and pouring that elegant cup of coffee. One of our faves is the Bodum Chambord French Press, available at London Drugs.

What more do you need?
For those creamy lattes, pick up the wonderful Fresco Frother from London Drugs. Great for Hot Chocolate as well!

Whole beans provide the freshest coffee flavour and you should only grind what you are using immediately for maximum aroma and taste. Also, make sure to store your beans in an airtight, cool place. The Bodum Bistro Coffee Grinder and a bag of Kicking Horse Kick Ass coffee from London Drugs are all you need for a fresh, flavourful cup!

Don’t have time to grind? Illy Intenso Bold Roast - Espresso Ground Coffee and The Barista Set from Bodum are the next best thing (and the set comes with a grinder if you change your mind). You can get them at London Drugs. Salute!

And finally, while it might not always feel like it, the calendar shows that summer is coming - prefer your coffee cold? This Cold Brew Coffee Maker from thinkkitchen will have you drinking delicious cold brew in no time.

Whatever your preference, these options will make you the envy amongst your friends and family when it comes to sharing a cup of joe. While you sip that perfect cup, you can also plan some warm weather fun with this cocktail video from the archives


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