Building a Snack Board with @pegcityfoodie


We’re all about fun ways to eat snacks, so we’ve enlisted @pegcityfoodie to work their magic! From choosing the snacks to arranging the board, they have nailed the anatomy of a snack board. The hardest part will be deciding sweet or savoury… who are we kidding - do both!

Step-by-step with @pegcityfoodie:            

I started with this beautiful round board from HomeSense. It's a perfect size and I also snapped up the mini heart-shaped bowls that match the linen towels. HomeSense sells a lot of beautiful items, and I had a hard time resisting buying them all!
Next, I picked out my favourite treats from savoury to sweet. You'll never run out of stores to choose from in the Centre. I was so excited and got so many treats from my favourite shops!
You’ll want to make sure there is a variety of textures when choosing your snacks. Some guests may want something crispy, while others want chewy, so have a little something for everyone. Flavours are also key to a perfect snack board. Include items that are sweet, salty, and fresh, so that your guests can satisfy their cravings. And don't forget to keep it simple, keep it colourful, keep it delicious, and fun!

  • Did something catch your eye? Or should we say, make you drool? Here is a list of the products featured:        

  • Kernels Popcorn - Super Kid flavoured popcorn

  • Laura Secord - Sea salt caramel chocolate crispy chips and dark chocolate puffed rice bars

  • Oomomo - Matcha Pocky, Hi-chew candies and Japanese assorted chips

  • Purdys Chocolatier - Smiley chocolate lollipops and assorted specialty chocolates

  • Red River Co-op - Fresh green grapes and strawberries, Party Mix chips, mini marshmallows, gummy bears, assorted fruit flavoured candies and Pringles

  • Love Local Manitoba - Tomahawk and La Cocina chips

  • HomeSense- Round wood board, heart-shaped mini bowl and linen towels

If you want more inspiration Indigo has a variety of books that will make you the hostess with the most-est:

  • Beautiful Boards by Maegan Brown

  • Platters and Boards by Shelly Westerhausen

  • Big Boards for Families by Sandy Coughlin


Happy snacking 😋

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