Celeb-Inspired Jewellery


The best part about being a celebrity must be all the opportunities to get dressed up and flaunt beautiful jewellery. And while most celebs have a slightly bigger jewellery budget than we do, we’re convinced that with a little careful searching, we can find pieces that that take inspiration from our favourite red carpet regulars, and look just as good. To prove our theory, we found nearly identical matches from Pandora that would make Kim K do a double take.

1) Sapphire earrings

Inspiration: Blake Lively

Blake can do no wrong when it comes to fashion (...or men, for that matter), and we love how she always looks so effortlessly pulled together. When she wore bold, emerald earrings to The Emmy’s, we were instantly captivated and reminded of how much we love gemstones. Since Blake is famous for being unapologetically (and endearingly) herself, we put our own spin on her look by grabbing studs in sapphire instead of emerald. If you want to be little playful and matchy-matchy, we think these would look great dressed down with a jean jacket, or full glam with a blue dress.

2) Mixed metal rings and oval bangle

Inspiration: Miranda Kerr

This Australian supermodel isn’t afraid to mix metals, and she pulled this sliver + gold combo off so masterfully. The trick is to choose delicate, understated pieces that will work cohesively together, versus commanding a lot of attention on their own. Combining different shapes and metals creates a more interesting and intentional final look, and with pieces this dazzling, everyone will be asking where you found each one.

3) Starfish earrings

Inspiration: Jessica Alba

If you haven’t noticed (you certainly will after reading this post!), earrings are definitely having a moment right now. We’re not talking delicate hoops, but glitzy ear bling. Take a cue from Jessica Alba and look to fun, whimsical shapes that you might not normally go for. This starfish shape is super cute, and has a fun feel perfect for back-to-school season. We hope your ears are ready for the attention, because these will easily become the focal point of your outfit.

4) Drop earrings

Inspiration: Kim Kardashian

If you have a dressy event coming up, may we suggest rocking a pair of drop earrings like our girl Kim? This style has gained some steam as of late, and it’s one that you can’t go wrong with – especially in cool silver. We highly recommend you channel your inner Kardashian and rock this pair of earrings with a killer dress that will turn heads as you strut onto the red carpet – or okay, maybe just the dancefloor. ;)

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See something that caught your eye? Visit Pandora St. Vital Centre to shop the jewellery looks in this post (check stores for availability):

Sapphire earrings: $55
Starfish studs: $60
Drop earrings: $85
Oval bangle: $110
Gold ring (14K): $410
Linked love ring: $45

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