Video DIY: Winter’s Tastiest Cocktail


We’re always looking for an excuse to play mixologist and test out a fancy cocktail recipe. But this season, we’re over eggnog, and craving something a bit more mature. Cue the classic Old Fashioned on-the-rocks. If you’ve never had one before, it combines bourbon with bitters, sugar, and a hint of orange. Yum! It first emerged in the ‘60s, and is perfect for an office party or Secret Santa shindig with your girlfriends. Lucky for us, our friends at Moxie’s have the recipe down to a science, and they’ve given us an exclusive step-by-step tutorial (don’t worry – no shakers or special equipment required!). Check out the video above to see how easy it is. And as always, remember to drink responsibly.

Looking for the perfect spot to meet up with friends over the holidays? Moxie’s St. Vital is hands down one of our favourite restaurants in the city. Plus, we may or may not be addicted to their med bread and lemon quinoa...

Is there a cocktail that you wish you knew how to make? Let us know in the comments, and we might feature it next!

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