Are You Getting Enough Sleep?


The need for sleep is not exactly a new concept, but how much sleep we get and the quality of said sleep seems to be somewhat of a buzzworthy topic these days. Our culture tends to praise “busy” as a personality trait and equate “hustle” with success, but these days there’s an equally strong movement extolling the benefits of slowing down, increased thoughtfulness, and adequate sleep. While acknowledging that sometimes the amount of sleep we get isn’t entirely up to us (looking at you, shift workers and new parents), we’ve gathered three simple tips that may help you get your hours in where you can, and a few products that might help too.

Tip 1: Create a Bedtime Routine
Parents know this one: a calm, consistent routine that you follow every night before bedtime is one of the most tried and true tricks for getting kids to settle into bed and go to sleep. But as it turns out, adults also benefit from keeping up some bedtime rituals. Maybe it’s a warm bath or shower, a mug of tea, music, some light stretching, or something else that helps you to unwind; whatever it is, just try to stay away from screens and devices. The key is consistency – eventually, your body will learn that these cues mean it’s time to settle toward sleep.

Tip 2: Stick to a Bedtime
Speaking of consistency, maintaining a regular time for both going to sleep and getting up in the morning will also help you to sleep better. That said, we totally get that this is one of those things that sounds doable but might prove to be easier said than done, depending on your life and schedule – but it’s a good goal to aim for when you can!

Many smartphones have built-in bedtime apps to remind you to start heading for the sheets, and Saje even has a diffuser with two tanks and a timer so that you can enjoy morning and evening essential oil blends with zero additional effort.

Tip 3: Exercise!
What you do is up to your health, fitness level, and interests, but it’s clear that getting some form of exercise throughout the day will help you to sleep better. This could be as simple as a daily dog walk or as intense as a soccer game; the key is to be realistic and to choose something you’ll enjoy and stick with. If possible, make it something you do with a friend or family member! That way you can combine connecting and catching up with getting yourself moving, plus having another person expecting you really helps you to follow through when the couch is calling your name.

Check out the list below for some products that can help you in your quest for Zzzzzs! Before that bedtime alarm goes off, see how we’ll be dressing for all the Libras in the house with our Dress Your Sign series, and watch our friend Natalie of Peg City Lovely talk about three hair products she loves.

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