Products made with recycling in mind: Earth Day 2021 Edition


We have all been enlightened of our responsibility to the planet and the generations that follow us, and recycling plays a key role. While separating bottles, cans, and other items from the garbage has become almost second nature, what may come as a surprise is the ways in which these items (and even clothes!) are being recycled into extremely useful, and stylish products. In honor of Earth Day 2021, we thought we would share a few surprising items and brands that can be found in St. Vital Centre. Beautifully crafted and saving the planet, it doesn’t get better than that.

Whether you’re going out for a run or looking for something a little more snazzy, there are more than enough options for shoes that have accepted the green initiative. The Adidas Supernova shoe is designed for comfort while running, while the DAVIS SQUARE by TIMBERLAND is designed to be seen with any of your streetwear looks. Both are made from a combination of recycled plastics and other materials. We’re in for one of each!

Eco-conscious Denim
Et tu, Brute? Our beloved jeans are major environmental offenders. In fact, as much as 7000 litres of water can be used to grow enough cotton to manufacture just one pair of jeans… and it doesn't stop there. More water is needed in the washing process. After adding harmful dyes to create that trademark blue hue we all adore, the polluted water often ends up in local waterways.

Ardene is always at the forefront of what is trending now and many of their jeans are winners in the environmental category. Made with both recycled cotton and Repreve, along with recycled bottles, you won't feel guilty buying more than one style. Take the Recycled Ripped Bermuda Shorts and Eco-Conscious Denim Shorts - both high-waisted, both on point, and better yet, both under $20.

A few other great examples of earth-friendly pieces can be found at RW & Co. This stunning cami is made of 60% recycled fibers and the moisture wicking slim fit pants feature REPREVE(R)TruTemp365 polyester made of recycled plastic bottles.

Beauty and Skincare
Now that we’ve covered some great ways to go-green (and look good doing it) with your clothing, what about cosmetics and skincare? MAC Cosmetics and The Body Shop are the granddaddies of the recycling movement. For years both have offered recycling of used containers and while the initiative has been temporarily halted due to COVID-19, The Body Shop also offers a refill program for some of your treasured favourites.

Fashion Accessories
When it comes to fashion accessories, you can’t beat Winnipeg based Boes Ltd., and it turns out they also know a thing or two about sustainability - carrying two leaders in earth-friendly fashion, Matt & Nat and Pixie Mood. Canadian company Matt & Nat go by the motto “Live Beautifully” and are 100% vegan, with plans to become fully sustainable by 2023. Pixie Mood, also 100% vegan, are active in reducing their carbon footprint in their shipping practices and their packaging is 100% biodegradable or recyclable. Check out the Matt & Nat Arlie Satchel for a perfect springtime bag, and the Pixie Mood Jane 2-in-1 Wallet Purse for that reliable (and easy on the eyes) year-round sidekick that we all need.

St. Vital Centre’s ACT Green Initiatives
While we’ve spent a lot of time sharing how environmentally friendly the retailers in St. Vital Centre are, you may be wondering how we’re doing our part for the environment. We are extremely proud of the programs we have in place that show our commitment to this community and the environment. You can find all of our ACT Green initiatives and programs here.

See something you like? Shop the looks at these St. Vital Centre retailers:
Adidas Supernova shoe: Sport Chek, $119.99
Recycled Ripped Bermuda Shorts: Ardene, $29.90
Eco-Conscious Denim Shorts: Ardene, $26.90
Solid Silky Crepe Pleated Shoulder V-Neck Cami: RW&CO, $24.95
Slim Fit Performance 360 5-Pocket Pant: RW&CO, $89.90
Matt & Nat Arlie Satchel: Boes Ltd., $125.00
Pixie Mood Jane 2-in-1 Wallet Purse: Boes Ltd., $88.00

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