3 Fun Things to Check out in Winnipeg This Winter


One of our favourite takes on the traditional idea of “resolutions” is to set our sights on trying something new – and it doesn’t have to be something huge! It’s easy for the post-Christmas winter months to feel a little dismal, and we find that having a reason to get out, see friends, and be active can be the difference between January and February dragging on or flying by. So with all that in mind, here are three activities we’ll be adding to our calendar in the next couple of months.

Beer & Botany workshops with Freshcut Downtown

Freshcut Downtown is not only a lovely spot to shop for flowers and plants, but they have regular workshops that will get you out of the house and surrounded by green and growing things – a big deal during the winter months. Enjoying a beverage while you learn how to make a terrarium feels like a big win-win to us!

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Big Bike Chill at The Forks

Yes, winter is chilly. But getting outdoors and staying active can make all the difference to your mood and how you feel about the weather. Case in point: this week-long winter cycling celebration at The Forks can show you how a favourite summer activity can be just as fun at this time of year.

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Winterfest at FortWhyte Alive

Speaking out getting outdoors, there are few places to go for more fun outdoor adventures in the city than FortWhyte Alive, no matter what time of year it is. Winterfest is a one-day, fun-filled celebration of all things winter that will make you glad you switched off the TV and bundled up.

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Whatever you choose to do this winter, make sure you dress warmly when you head out the door! Scroll through a few of our favourite puffer jackets to keep you toasty on all of your adventures this winter. Happy New Year!

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