Dress Your Sign: Libra


Lately, obsessing over our zodiac signs (and the signs of all of our friends and family) is one of our favourite pastimes. It can be a lot of fun to consider how we do or do not line up with the traits considered to go along with our date of birth, and so it occurred to us that it might be equally fun to style an outfit with these traits in mind. As of this week, we’ve officially arrived in the time of the Libra, so we challenged our stylist to put together a look for all the Libras in the house – how fitting for such a trend-setting cardinal sign to kick off our new astro-style series, right?! 

Leaving behind a productive Virgo season, we now step into an airy, lighter mood. Now’s the time to shine a spotlight on your social calendar, while meticulously shopping for your FW19/20 wardrobe.

Represented by the symbol of scales, Libra is a harmonious and diplomatic sign. As such, Libras seek balance in everything, from their interpersonal relationships to their work-life routine. Ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and luxury, Libras are known for their discerning taste; whether it’s fashion, beauty, or interior décor, a Libra is very aware of what’s “in” this season, but never looks too trendy. Instead, Libras tend to favour classics with a twist, and as a result, no matter the occasion, always look perfectly polished and chic.

For this Libra-inspired outfit, our stylist, Casey, chose a soft, romantic look perfectly suited to Libra’s flirty nature. By pairing a breezy, ladylike blouse and pink stilettos with worn-in skinny jeans, you’ll achieve a balanced look that’s just the right blend of classic and girly. Top it off with timeless gold accessories to take the look from workwear to date night.

If you’re a Libra, let us know how we did or what you’d do differently, and stay tuned for the next sign in our series – the dark and mysterious Scorpio! No matter what your sign, find more fall styling inspo here and pick out your new favourite fall boots here.

See something you love? Shop the look at these St. Vital Centre retailers:

Romantic white blouse: Suzy Shier, $36
White blouse (worn underneath): RW&Co., $39.90
Skinny jeans: Dynamite, $39.95
Blush stilettos with straps: Le Chateau, $79.95
Gold knot bracelet: Le Chateau, $19.95
Gold clutch: Le Chateau $49.95

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