Our Insider Tips for Healthy & Delicious Food Hall Lunches


Maybe you slept in this morning. Maybe your evenings have been jammed, and a trip to the grocery store has just not been in the cards. Or maybe you just plain don’t like making a lunch. Whatever the reason, we all neglect to brown-bag it now and then, and when we do it’s good to know there are some tasty options that aren’t going to derail our nutrition goals. Whether you work nearby, or a weekend visit is more likely to bring you through our doors, we’ve put our heads (or stomachs?) together and compiled our best insider tips for five healthy and delicious eats from the Food Hall to make your time with us that much more enjoyable.

1. Pita on the Side, Please
“Jimmy the Greek’s Greek salad with grilled chicken is so filling and satisfying. You can add a pita on the side if you still want a pita. You can also swap the tzatziki for their balsamic dressing.”

2. Lettuce Have a Grilled Burger
“You can lettuce wrap any burger from A&W’s menu! We suggest the Chicken BLT burger – pro-tip is getting it grilled vs crispy.”

3. Roll In, Roll Out
“Cold spring rolls from Thai Express are so yummy with their peanut sauce. The spring rolls fill you up but are not super heavy.”

4. Make Your Sub a Salad
“Turn your favourite sub from Subway into a salad!”

5. Booster Your Lunch
“Grilled wraps and sandwiches from Booster Juice are a great well-rounded option. They can also modify their juices or smoothies with substitutes.”

Eating more healthfully and mindfully is all about making small choices from day to day that add up to feeling your best. Treating yourself and your friends is great now and then too, and there’s no reason you can’t apply the same basic principle of simple choices there – when you stop by Purdys Chocolatier, you can always grab the box of 6 chocolates instead of the box of 12. ;) Happy eating!

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