Watch: How to Apply False Eyelashes By Yourself


Some days, a little extra glam is just exactly what you need out of life, and this is why the beauty gods made false lashes. Do we occasionally get the urge to feel the breeze blowing through our lashes? We do. Do we know how to make that happen on our own at home? We do not. Enter our ever-patient makeup artist to help us get over this hurdle once and for all: here’s every step you need to get the lashes you always knew you deserved.

To go along with the steps in the video above, here are some of Geoff’s additional need-to-knows for wearing false lashes:

  • Treat them well, and you’ll get a lot of wear out of a pair. Geoff tells us that he typically reuses one pair around 30 times (honestly – he said 30). But that said, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind in order to increase the longevity of your lashes.

    First, put mascara on before applying your false lashes. If you apply mascara after you have false lashes in place, you’ll fuse the two sets of lashes together and this will ruin the false lashes when you remove them later (not to mention being hard on your real set). When it comes time to remove your false lashes, gently peel them off and then pick off the glue along the base strip so that they are clean and ready for next time.

  • Pause before you place. After you apply glue to the base strip of your false lashes, wait about 15-30 seconds before you set them in place on your lash line. This will allow the glue to become tacky and help it to stick.

  • Don’t have a lash applicator? No problem! The lash applicator is designed to make the process of placing your lashes a little simpler, but if you don’t have one, regular tweezers will work too. Just make sure you pinch your real and false lashes together, and that you get the inner corner of the false lashes pressed down tightly.

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