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Everyday Inspired

Everyday gets a bad reputation. Every day doesn’t have to be predictable, the same, nothing special. At St. Vital, we think there’s joy to squeeze out of every little moment.

Your everyday inspires us to fuel your life with everything you need to get the most out of it — and we want to inspire you to think more of your own routines. Where are the moments where magic might slip away unnoticed? When can you lean in to be more present, daring, and generous?

Everydays aren’t small and without meaning. They’re everything. Life is exactly what you make it, and everyday’s about to get a little more exciting around here. St. Vital Centre — Everyday Inspired

Check out the behind-the-scenes of our latest campaign filmed here in St. Vital. People, products, and services from the shopping centre fueled this campaign. A big Thank You to our fantastic retailers who made this all possible.

- Aura Hair Group
- Ardene
- Blackwell Supply Co
- Boes Ltd.
- Cineplex – SilverCity St. Vital
- Dairy Queen/Orange Julius
- Dynamite
- Earls
- Freshly Squeezed
- Garage
- HomeSense
- Indigo
- Kernels
- Marshalls
- Sephora
- RW & Co
- Stuffy Riders

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