Watch: 5 Tips for Layering Your Jewellery


You know how less is often more? Turns out, sometimes more is more too. When it comes to jewellery, layering multiple delicate necklaces, bracelets, and rings can take things to a beautiful new level. Watch our video to see some of our favourite pieces out right now, and how we’ll be wearing them.

Jewellery Layering Tip 1: Delicate pieces are the best place to start.
While you can certainly layer larger, chunkier pieces, that’s definitely a lot trickier and can tend to overwhelm the rest of your look. For something a little more user-friendly, pick out delicate items to mix and match.

Jewellery Layering Tip 2: Don’t be afraid to mix metals
While there’s sometimes a no-no mentality around mixing metals, our stylist actually loves this approach and finds the mix more interesting. That said, it will be best in most cases to keep it to two contrasting metals – for example, go with a silver and gold combo, but don’t throw rose gold in the mix too.

Jewellery Layering Tip 3: With necklaces, length is key
When you’re layering necklaces, you’re going to want to pay special attention to the lengths of your pieces. Just like you make note of the neckline you’re wearing and choose a necklace that is either higher or lower, you’ll want to vary the lengths of multiple necklaces so that they don’t end up actually overlapping. Try mixing simple chains with pendant options for variety without chaos.

Jewellery Layering Tip 4: Balance it out
Try stacking a bunch of separate delicate bands on one finger, or layering a midi-ring and regular ring on the same finger or hand. Balance a heavier look on one hand or wrist with a slightly more open approach on the other hand or wrist.

Jewellery Layering Tip 5: Keep an eye out for textures
Even if you’re opting for a simple all-metal or monochromatic approach, mixing textures, for example a matte hammered metal and a shiny finish, can add a ton of interest and depth. Just like with layering clothing, a cohesive palette that plays with different textures is a great way to make your look feel super sophisticated.

Watch our video to see how we layered our favourite jewellery in the Centre right now, and if you spot something you want to snap up for yourself, find the sources below. While we’re talking layering, here’s some fresh inspo to get you through the rest of winter and early spring.

See something you like? Visit St. Vital Centre to shop the products featured in this post (check stores for availability):

Soft taupe wrap dress: RW&Co., $89.90

Hoops of Versatility earrings: Pandora, $55

Gold choker with bars: Boes, $39
Gold Aries necklace: Boes, $45
Silver double-strand necklace: Boes, $44

Essence Affection bracelet: Pandora, $85
Essence Friendship bracelet: Pandora, $85
Reflexions bracelet (gold): Pandora, $220
Gold small jewel bracelet: Boes, $7
Gold large jewel bracelet: Boes, $10

Medallion of Love ring: Pandora, $60
Gold ring: Boes, $17
Silver multi-band ring: Boes, $40

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