VIDEO: Counting it down to NYE with 10 tips for the ultimate outfit


NYE is the party that we look forward to all year long, and if you’re anything like us, you’re on the hunt for the perfect outfit to don as you usher in 2018. To help you narrow down ‘the one’, we’re counting down from 10 with some simple tips for nailing that ultimate NYE look.

10. GO. FOR. IT. We’re all for practicality as a rule, but this one night of the year, let’s throw caution to the wind and buy that one piece you can’t mix and match and will rarely wear but really, really love. Case in point: sequined pants.

9. Be a little extra. When it comes to styling, it’s pretty standard to pick one standout item and balance it with more minimal pieces. But don’t worry so much about balance tonight. Feel free to wear sequins + embroidery + hot red heels, and just own it.

8. Think outside the box. NYE party = fancy dress, right? Sure, maybe – but not necessarily! No matter what you choose, have some fun with your choices and don’t be afraid to be different and stand out.

7. Layer up. This is January in Winnipeg after all, and while we’ll occasionally suffer a little for the sake of fashion, frostbite is never ok. Outdoor temps aside, parties can go from cool to stifling as the night goes on, so throwing a special coat over your shoulders is both practical AND super chic.

6. Think photos. Lots and lots of photos. Smartphones will be out and snapping all night long, so look for textures, details, and colour pops that will look great when Instagrammed/tweeted/posted/livestreamed.

5. Make sure you can go the distance. NYE is generally one of the longer nights of the year, and we like to plan accordingly. Wear something you won’t be miserable in long before the ball drops in Times Square.

4. That goes for beauty, too. The last-all-night thing applies to hair and makeup too. Choose long-lasting makeup formulas and a hairstyle that won’t fall apart, so that you’re as flawless in the cab at 2am as you were when you first stepped out. 

3. Low key plans can still be major key stylish. Your NYE plans might be more board games with a few friends than dancing in a crowd of strangers, and that’s cool too. The same principles apply – here’s a post from New Year’s past to illustrate that dressing down can still be fun.

2. Don’t forget the ultimate accessory. Your NYE outfit will go from stylish to straight-up dazzling when you accessorize with confidence. It’s the ultimate secret weapon. And on that note...

1. You do you. Ultimately, fashion is an expression of you. While we like to inspire you to try new things or maybe wear something familiar in a way you may not have considered before, in the end whatever you choose to wear it should be because it’s what YOU want to wear, and should make you feel like those fireworks are just for you.

Happy New Year, from the St. Vital Centre Spark team to you! Whatever your plans, have fun and be safe, and may 2018 bring you many, many happy moments. Xo!

See something that caught your eye? Visit these St. Vital Centre retailers to shop the look in this post (check stores for availability):

Sequined pants: Hudson's Bay (Design Lab), $88
Black coat with embroidered flowers: Suzy Sheir, $89
White tshirt: Hudson's Bay (Noisy May), $19
Red heels: Aldo, $90
Shooting star earrings: Le Chateau, $12.95
Velvet clutch: Boes, $35

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