Behind the Scenes at the Spark Summer Shoot


The best thing about summer (in our humble, sun-loving opinion) is being able to take it outside. Lunch tastes better coming from a food truck, drinks on the patio are that much sweeter, and endless evenings are made for bike rides and ice cream cones. So where better to shoot for summer on Spark than the great outdoors?? We had a blast creating looks and getting pics that took advantage of nature’s backdrop and the ultimate in lighting. But taking a chance on Mother Nature is not without its challenges – we went up against the blazing sun, wicked humidity, a few mosquitoes, and threatening storm clouds (thank goodness they held out until the final shot!).

Yup, we may have gotten a bit soaked in the end as the day wrapped, but all in the name of fashion, right? The shots are amazing, the looks are on point, and we got to celebrate our love of summer outdoors. We hope you love this summer on Spark as much as we loved creating it.

As always, we’d like to thank our amazing team, who always manage to pull it all together:

St. Vital Centre Marketing: Cindy Shack, Marketing Director; Melissa Marlatt, Marketing Coordinator
Ad Agency: Kara Westerlund, Creative Director; Florence Ozirney, Account Manager; Rob Rurak, Art Director (Fusion)
Content planner, writer: Lenore Hume
Photographer: Samanta Katz
Stylist: Casey Downes
Model: Melody Bauer (Panache)
Hair: Justin Broesky (St. Vital Centre Unisex)
Makeup: Josh Stark (Sephora)

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