Watch: Simple Tips for Mastering Winged Eyeliner


Perfectly winged liner is one of those holy grail beauty achievements – so much so that when we see a perfectly executed wing, we almost can’t look away. How did they do that, we ask? And also, how do we do that?! There have got to be some simple tips, right? Turns out there are. We asked (begged, pleaded with, straight-up bribed) Geoff from MAC here in the Centre to help and as always, he delivered. Watch and learn along with us.

The products:

First off, your product is going to make a difference, and we find a felt pen style like this one to be the most user-friendly option out there. This is MAC’s Brushstroke Liner in Brushblack; you can get this in Brushbrown as well.

Secondly, embrace and accept the fact that you might mess up. It’s just eyeliner! You can fix it. Have some makeup remover handy, and – *game-changer alert* – pick up some of these amazing fine-tip cotton swabs, available at Sephora, for really detailed touch-ups and corrections.

The process:

Once you’ve got everything you need, it’s go-time! Watch our video above to see it all happening, and here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how Geoff coached us through the application process:

  • Start at the outer corner of your eye and create the bottom line of the wing first. You have two options here: start by making the outer point of the wing and bringing a line in to meet the corner of your eye, or start at the corner of your eye and sweep outward – whichever feels more natural to you. We find that starting with the point can help us to make sure that this is the finest part of the line.

  • Next, position the tip of your pen at the outer point you just made and now create the upper line of the wing, sweeping the pen inward and up along your lash line.

  • Fill in the wing.

  • Finish off the inner corner of your eye.

Easy, right? Ok, maybe not “easy,” but honestly it does become a whole lot easier with a little practice – and what is makeup for if not to have some fun? Clean up any messes or imperfections with a cotton swab dipped in eye makeup remover.

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Brushstroke Liner in Brushblack: MAC Cosmetics, $21
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