Dress Your Sign: Pisces


Adios, Aquarius season! Get ready to shelve your mid-winter intellectual musings in favour of introspective, flowing feelings. As this frigid season slowly melts away (but not literally, because it’s Winnipeg), we enter into a state of inward reflection, daydreaming, and magical creative energy. In what feels like a blink of an eye, it’s time for another installment of our Dress Your Sign series – welcome to dreamy Pisces season!

Sitting on the cusp of spring, this ethereal mutable Water sign is ruled by hazy Neptune, the planet of fantasy, creativity, and psychic receptivity. As such, the sign of enchanted fish (or, you know, mermaids) are often starry-eyed, intuitive, and more often than not, luxuriating in their own personal dream world.

It’s no surprise then that this imaginative sign’s signature style leans towards looks you might spot at Coachella. We’re talking breezy layers, iridescent materials, fun prints, and oceanic hues. And bare feet too, if they can get away with it! Pisces is whimsical and artistic, and no matter their outfit of the day, you can be sure it’s expressive of who they are.

For our Pisces-inspired look, our stylist, Casey, opted for a periwinkle blue print dress with delicate sleeves, sweetheart neckline, and fluttery hem to reflect this water sign’s romantic nature. Next she added a plethora of dainty gold jewelry (peep the stacked rings and layered pendants) for a modern boho-vibe. As for the shoes, they’re optional for Pisces, as we previously mentioned, but you can pair this look with a nude western ankle boot to keep that free-wheelin’ energy going.

Any real-life Pisces out there vibing on this look? Let us know if this outfit is something you’d put together, and stay tuned for our tough-as-nails Aries-inspired look, coming up next in the series.

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See something you like? Shop the look at these St. Vital Centre retailers:
Periwinkle blue long-sleeved mini dress: Dynamite, $54.95
Layered gold necklaces: Boes, $40
Snake wrap ring: Aldo, $8
Double ring set (heart and small diamonds): Aldo, $10
Triple ring set with multi-colored stones: Aldo, $15
Brown ankle boot: Aldo, $130


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