3 High-Impact Ways to Accessorize


It’s amazing how accessories can completely transform your outfit. The smallest bracelet can take your look from basic to boss – and don’t even get us started on the power of a great pair of sunglasses. With the new season comes the urge to get creative and pile on layers of glitzy finds. We scoured Boes, one of our favourite places to find jewellery, to show you the coolest – and sparkliest – ways to accessorize this fall.

Don’t be afraid to mix metals.
The old-fashioned notion of having to choose between gold and silver is no longer a thing. Instead of doing the obvious and sticking with one colour, try mixing your metals for a luxe, unexpected look. But even while you’re breaking the old rules, you still need to have a game plan. We recommend choosing a dominant metal to create a sense of unity, and selecting one or two accent metals for added interest. This bib necklace is a great statement piece, while yellow gold rings and chandelier earrings are the perfect compliment.

Brighten up your look with statement sunglasses.
You might be getting ready to stash your sunglasses for fall, but we’re making a case for keeping them out just a little bit longer. Even though the weather is cooling down, the sun is still shining! While you’re at it, we’d highly recommend you go for a bold, reflective style – we’re obsessed with gold rims – to add a dose of edge and quirkiness. Keeping the rest of your look subdued will ensure all eyes are on those killer sunnies. 

Accessorize over your clothing.
When your jewellery looks this good, it’s important to show it off. Whether you’re at work or at school, you can make a statement by layering pieces over top of your clothing. This is an easy way to look instantly fashionable – just make sure to keep your outfit simple, so it doesn’t clash with your accessories. These cool silver pieces with chain detail look ultra glamourous, and just a bit old school. This pairing is as chic as it gets!

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Black dress: Hudson's Bay, $119.00
Silver dangly necklace: Boes, $119.99
Crystal chain necklace: Boes, $53.74
Sunglasses: Boes, $15.00
Cuff bracelet: Boes, $71.49,
Silver chain bracelet: Boes, $41.24
Silver stud earrings: Boes, $16.00
Velvet bib necklace: Boes, $51.99
Chandelier earrings: Boes, $32.00

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