Dress Your Sign: Aries


Let’s wave farewell to the slow, dreamy haze of Pisces season so we can tighten our bootstraps before we leap into an action-packed spring equinox. Aries season is here, and with it, the sign’s can-do optimistic attitude – because if any sign can show us how to be courageous and stay motivated, it’s Aries! Keep scrolling to see how our stylist put together a bold outfit fit for the sign of the Ram.

Ruled by Mars, the planet of passion and energy, this cardinal Fire sign is best known for the intensity they bring to everything that they do. Being the first sign of the zodiac, they flourish in leadership positions (hello, entrepreneurs and CEOs!) and love starting new projects. It’s very fitting, then, that Aries always seems to be ahead of the curve when it comes to trends. Yet even with all of the adventures they go on, a typical Aries is also quite savvy when it comes to practical, wearable fashion.

Given the Aries’ tough-as-nails demeanor, our stylist, Casey, went for a tomboyish vibe by pairing a Prince tee with utilitarian cargo pants. Going for something off-beat, she layered a cropped denim jacket over a faux leather button-up to give the look a bit of an edge. Casey then finished off the look with a silver chain belt and versatile black ankle boots, for a tough-yet-chic look that a trendsetting Aries would dare to wear.

Any Aries boss babes out there loving this look? Let us know if this outfit is something you’d wear, and stay tuned for our sensible (yet sensual) Taurus look! While you’re waiting for the next zodiac sign in the series, check out these simple tips to make early mornings worth getting up for (no, really!).

See something you like? Shop the look at these St. Vital Centre retailers:
Prince graphic t-shirt: Garage, $22.95
Tan pants with pockets: Suzy Shier, $32
Faux leather shirt: Dynamite, $69.95
Denim jacket with raw hem: Garage, $49.95
Black pointy toe ankle boot: Aldo, $110
Chain belt: Garage, $14.95

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