4 Easy Steps to De-cluttering Your Bookshelf for a Cause!


Got books? If you love to curl up with a good read as much as we do, then the answer is most likely “of course!” With spring on the way, now is the perfect time to de-clutter AND the perfect opportunity to pass on some of those much-loved books. During February, we’ll be running a Book Drive in support of the Children’s Hospital Book Market. So roll up your sleeves and tackle those piles of books at home, then drop off your donation at any St. Vital Centre entrance – we’ll take it from there! You can enjoy your freshly de-cluttered space, and we can all enjoy helping out this amazing local cause.

To get you in the spirit, here are our best tips to sorting your stacks for our Book Drive:

1. Start with a Plan
The Book Drive will take place February 9 to 28, so leave yourself lots of time to both go through your books, and plan a drop-off. First, pick a day when you can set aside a few hours for the sorting task. Brew a pot of hot tea, put on your favourite music, and settle in for some decision-making. If you’re like us – you have books scattered throughout the house. So pick a room to work in, bring all your books to that space, and get started!

2. Follow the Rule of Three
Create three distinct piles, and start sorting:
1. Keepers: Books you love and plan to reread, or ones that have sentimental value.
2. Book Drive donations: Books that meet the donation criteria, and that you’re ready to part with.
3. Recycle: Books (or magazines) that aren’t accepted for the Book Drive, but that you’d like to clear out of your space.
You can review the list of books we don’t accept here.

3. Make Drop-Off Easy
Leave your box of books at the back door, so they’re handy and in sight when you’re ready to bring them to the Centre. It’s also a good reminder for any last-minute book additions that you were still deciding on. When you’re ready to go, bring your stack to our collection bins, located at each of our four Centre entrances.

4. Mark your calendar to pick up some new favourites!
Now that you’ve got a beautiful clean space to enjoy, why not dive into another good book? Mark your calendar for upcoming Book Market sales: the paperback sale runs February 5 to 7 and the next big Book Market sale is April 21 to 25.

The Children’s Hospital Book Market was established in 1961 and is the longest running fundraiser in support of the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba. Since its inception, the Book Market has raised about $7 million in support of child health care in Manitoba and received numerous awards including the Mayor’s Volunteer Service Award, and a Teddy Award. In 2010, Book Market celebrated 50 years of supporting child health care in the province and brought in record sales!

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