Man Made Style: Use accessories to supercharge your style


It doesn’t take big bucks or a fashion overhaul to take your look up a notch, gentlemen —you can upgrade your style with just a few quick tips. We tapped stylist and fashion director Allana Schmidt for her top ten tricks to polish your look.

1. Change up the ‘every man’ uniform of jeans and a t-shirt by adding a blazer or sports coat.

2. Wear a pocket square. Think outside the formal wear box by adding one to the pocket of a t-shirt or polo shirt.

3. Switch out your well-worn sneakers for a slip-on or lace-up style in leather or suede. Have some fun and look for things like metallic touches colour-popping soles, smooth lines or unique hardware.

4. Go for the gusto on the sock front. Choose funky patterned, colourful styles that show off personality for a low cost, low risk, instant wardrobe boost. 

5. Get creative with cuff links or a tie clip.

6. Bow ties are back in full force and not just for the so-called nerd herd. Go wild picking prints featuring deer, cars, dogs or paisley.

7. Today’s perfect tie is not too wide and not too skinny. Within that, experiment with widths and shapes and go outside your comfort zone by choosing ties with a punch of colour, a floral, or a bold print.

8. Add dimension to your outfit with a bracelet (yes, bracelet). Pick a “rugged” style with earthy elements like stones, leather or metal.

9. Try a new lid – and we’re not talking about a new ball cap. Something stylish up top is a great way to instantly step up your game.

10. Upgrade your wallet. Choose one that speaks to the man you are - and that means no velcro, and no ‘90s wallet chains.

There you have it - try a few of our tricks and take your style from tired to Timberlake, just like that.


Pictured above:

Shoes - Aldo, $125
Wallet - Le Chateau, $45
Blue bracelet - Le Chateau, $5.95
Metal and rope bracelet - Le Chateau, $15
Sunglasses - Le Chateau, $20
Grey socks - Bench, $18 (set of 3)
Camo socks - Le Chateau, $5.95
Ties - Le Chateau (all) - cars, $49.95; charcoal, $25; floral, $25; checked, $35
Pocket squares - Le Chateau, $22 (all)
Cufflinks - Le Chateau, $39.95
Tie clip - Le Chateau, $20
Hat – Le Chateau, $29.95
Belt - Le Chateau, $39.95

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