The Fashion Girl’s Guide to Rocking a Baseball Cap


Baseball caps: are they just for kids and, well… baseball players? If Beyoncé, Rihanna, Jessica Alba, and even the girliest fashion girl Kim Kardashian West herself are any indication, then definitely not. All four stars are known for their sartorial chops, and all have rocked a baseball cap nowhere near a ball field without missing a fashion beat. We’re not going to lie, this style challenge definitely reaches into the pro category, but trust us – it’s all about knowing the game.

To prove it, we visited our friends at LIDS and created these three looks that all have something important in common – even though a ball cap is traditionally a ‘for the boys’ item, each look is unabashedly feminine. There’s no mistaking who’s under that lid, especially with the pretty poppy lip. So if a cap is in your game plan, make sure the details get a little flirty. Not having to do your hair that day? Well, that’s just a bonus.

Here are three ways we’ll be adding a cap into our style mix this summer:

Baseball cap + statement skirt + tailored blazer
Adding a cute cap to a dressy outfit is guaranteed to turn heads. We think this look says ‘I don’t take myself too seriously’, and that’s always ok with us. After all, fashion is supposed to be fun. A casual baseball cap is the perfect unexpected antidote to a sparkly skirt, luxurious blazer, and bright clutch. If you have the fashion daring to step out in this look, please, please tag us on Instagram so we can give you the credit you deserve.

Baseball cap + short shorts + street style accessories
Rhi Rhi and Bey aren’t the only ones who can kill it in sporty, urban street style. We swear you can pull this off – it’s all attitude, baby! Go sleek on the style and heavy on the confidence. The minimalist palette is chic and ultra cool. Short shorts and a cropped bomber jacket in luxe-feeling fabrics keep the look out of the locker room and perfect for a day running around the city. Relaxed sneakers and a boxy bag keep it functional, casual, and effortlessly cool.

Baseball cap + relaxed overalls + edgy heels
You know those overalls you’ve been rediscovering your love for lately? Break ‘em out and top them with your favourite cap for a tomboy vibe. But don’t forget to add girly touches like a light mesh tee, shiny statement necklace, and double-take-worthy heels to keep it out of farmer territory.

Like what you see? Shop all of the hats in this post at LIDS at St. Vital Centre, and get the rest of each look at the retailers listed below (check stores for availability).

Look #1 (skirt)
White tee: Dynamite, $19.95
Sparkly skirt: RW&CO, $89.90
White blazer: RW&CO, $139.95
Grey heels (Lord & Taylor): Hudson's Bay, $119
Orange/pink purse (Guess): Hudson's Bay, $70
White LA cap: LIDS, $44.99

Look #2 (athletic)
White jersey: Boathouse, $50
Black high-waisted shorts: Garage, $36.95
Grey cotton jacket: Gap, $56.99
White sneaks (Converse): Hudson's Bay, $55
Silver necklace: Sears, $35
White bag: Bench, $65
Black Detroit cap: LIDS, $44.99        

Look #3 (overalls)
Rose mesh top: Gap, $54.95
Overalls: American Eagle Outfitters, $79.95
Black heels (Lord & Taylor): Hudson's Bay, $139
Gold necklace: Dynamite, $19.95
Gold clutch: Browns Shoes, $60
Blue NY cap: LIDS, $27.99

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