Man Made Style: 4 Ways to Carry Your Stuff & Keep it Manly


Guys, let’s talk straight. You have stuff too. But how many things can you shove into your pockets - hello wallet, keys, phone…never mind school or work items – before coming to terms with the fact that you need a way to transport it all? And we dare not mention the ‘p’ word…. “Guys don't have purses,” says stylist Allana Schmidt of “It's important that men can have an accessory that can carry the items that don’t fit into their left jeans pocket. A bag is just that!” Luckily, we’ve been seeing loads of very cool, very guy-friendly options around the Centre. So we picked out our faves for the four key places you (and your stuff!) may be going.

Here’s the breakdown:

For the gym
Heading for a workout? A roomy athletic-inspired duffle bag does the trick, with large compartments to fit all the essentials plus an extra change of clothes, water bottle, and towel. Have fun and show off your personality with bright, eye-catching colour combinations, like this marine blue and burnt orange mix from Nike. A durable, water-repellant finish protects it from the elements and getting slung in the car, on the back of the bike or wherever you’re tossing it.

For the conservative office
When it comes to a more buttoned-up office or business environment, it’s best to keep it classic. Premium black leather crafting and a briefcase shape keep it conservative, while subtle, contrasting leather details in a rich caramel give it a unique twist. This Hex bag we found at Spareparts is one you will have in your closet forever. It transforms from traditional handheld for the boardroom, to cross body for the commute home – a perfect merger.

For the creative office
If you spend your days in a more laid-back office environment with a relaxed dress code, have some fun with the bag selection – but keep it utilitarian. A play on the vintage portfolio style, this Farmfresh envelope bag really makes a hip statement. It has all the functionality of a file folder, in a luxurious leather finish with playful rope closure detailing. It also transforms into a messenger bag for more portability. It’s a bag that says “Creative Director”…even if you’re just starting out in the art department.

For the weekend
When it comes to hanging out off-duty, anything goes. This is the chance for your style to really shine in the shape, colours, and details. As long as it’s functional for your lifestyle, go for it! This casual Volcom backpack mixes and matches pops of colour with suiting textures for a look that’s grown-up…without being TOO grown-up. An inner tech pocket means you can read or play games on the go and an outer skate strap was made for weekend fun. Worried about pattern being ‘too much’? “It's all about colour,” says Schmidt. “Patterns can still be "manly" if they're mixed with neutrals or dark colours.”

Guys with bags – what are your thoughts? Do you rock the man bag? Comment here or chat with us on Instagram – follow us at @stvitalcentre for more looks and inspiration.

Love these options? Visit these retailers to shop the looks:

Look #1
Nike duffel bag: Sport Chek, $69.99
Gray tshirt: RW&Co, $22.90

Look #2
Hex briefcase: Spareparts, $315
Gray tshirt: RW&Co, $22.90

Look #3
Farm Fresh portfolio: Spareparts, $325
Gray tshirt: RW&Co, $22.90
Cardigan: RW&Co, $69.90

Look #4
Volcom backpack: West 49, $72
Blue tshirt: RW&Co, $22.90

*Product availability may vary; please check stores for details.

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