Keepsake Jewellery: 5 Timeless Styles


As much as we like to keep up with fashion and find good deals, passing trends don't hold a candle to the special, sentimental jewellery that we love. We always seem to return to the tried-and-true pieces that were either gifted to us or passed down from a relative. Haven’t splurged on something memorable in a while? From pearls to charm bracelets, we’re showing you keepsake jewellery that you’ll never want to part with.

Spiral ring

Why we love it: Engagement rings tend to get all the hype when it comes to keepsake rings, but there are plenty of other options out there that are just as worthy of your attention. A spiral ring is a perfect example of a timeless design that is simple, yet stunningly elegant. The multi-layered silhouette is embellished with clear crystal pavé and adorns your finger with an eye-catching sparkle. The best part? You don’t have to worry about oxidation (aka your finger turning green), since it’s rhodium-plated white gold. (Swarovski, $169.00)

Pendant necklace

Why we love it: It's the delicate chain that you wear with everything, and the piece that becomes your signature to those around you. The simplicity of the pendant necklace makes it easy to layer and pair with other jewellery, including other metals. Even though the glimmering pendant screams sophistication, it’s extremely versatile, and will shine whether you pair it with heels or beaten-up sneakers. (Charm Diamond Centre, $299.99)

Charm bracelet

Why we love it: Our sentimental side is never more apparent than when we walk into Pandora and see all of the beautiful charm bracelets. The ability to customize the bracelet by choosing charms that mean something to you is what makes this piece so special. The rose gold colour is also flattering on every skin type, and will instantly add some warmth to your look. This is certainly a piece that you can add to and cherish forever. (Pandora, $855.00)

Pearl earrings

Why we love it: Women have adorned themselves with pearls since ancient times, and we’re happy to say this classic is still going strong. The beauty of pearls is that they never go out of style, and add just the right amount of sophistication without making you look overdressed. Just look at Audrey Hepburn, who was rarely seen without them. She was the master of effortless chic, and we like to think that pearls might have been her secret weapon. (Pandora, $85.00)


Why we love it: Let’s face it: as an adult – with a career and responsibilities – you're expected to arrive on time. Investing in a truly grown-up timepiece is just the thing you need to make a style-statement while you handle your schedule. We love a watch that is equal parts fashion and function, and feels like a true jewellery piece. And don’t think that your watch has to own your wrist – pair with bracelets like this gold bangle for extra style points. (Watch: Spareparts, $215.00 | Gold bangle: City Jewellers, $407.00)

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