Stylish Luggage For Your Next Getaway


This is the perfect time of year to escape the cold and relax in a warm destination! But when was the last time you invested in a quality suitcase? As much as we love daydreaming about our next trip, sometimes we need to get practical and assess our luggage situation. Check out our favourite bags – and top packing hacks – to keep your travel game on point.

Sophisticated and Minimal

Ideal for frequent travellers, this hardshell suitcase is ultra-durable and made for the chic minimalist. It’s a great option for anyone carrying valuables, since it protects your stuff and is nearly impossible to break. We’re digging the simplicity of the glossy white, with just the right amount of added detail in the ridged exterior to feel super stylish.  A chic Matt & Nat duffle bag will complete your travel set, and fit perfectly into an overhead bin.

#PackingHack: Roll, don’t fold. This will save a ton of room, helping you fit all the new clothes you bought.

Classic and Functional

For all you over-packers out there, look to a soft luggage set that has multiple compartments. Soft luggage is a great option for us shopping addicts because it’s easy to squeeze in extra clothes if you went a little crazy! The black and brown colour combo is a stylish but universal choice that works for anyone – and this great line comes in any size you need. Add a classic tote bag in a co-ordinated colour to tie it all together.

#PackingHack: Use pill organizers to pack small jewellery that can easily be lost, like rings and stud earrings.

Eye-catching and Patriotic

Any time you’re checking baggage, it’s helpful to add something personal to your luggage so you can quickly spot your bag on the carousel. We’re taking it one step further with this Canadian-themed suitcase. It’s part of a limited edition series of luggage created by Fernando Volken Togni, a Brazilian-born illustrator known for his use of vivid colour and geometric shapes. Full of icons and landmarks unique to Canada, this suitcase will stand out at baggage claim, and bring some Canadian pride to your next vacation. Pair this patriotic hardshell with a practical Lug carry-on that’s literally covered in pockets, making it perfect for stowing your in-flight essentials. 

#PackingHack: Plan your outfits for each day of the trip in advance, and be sure to check the weather!

Now that you’re all set for luggage – have you thought about what you’re going to wear to the airport yet?! Check out what we recommend here.

Visit these St. Vital Centre retailers to shop the looks in this post (check stores for availability):

Sophisticated and Minimal:

White suitcase: Bentley, $169.99
Matt and Nat “Gia” duffle: Boes, $160.00
Furry keychain: Boes, $26.00

Classic and Functional:

Black suitcase with leather detail: Bentley, $235.99
Black duffle with leather detail: Bentley, $179.99
Matt and Nat "Mardi" tote: Boes, $155.00

Eye-catching and Patriotic:

Canadian suitcase: Hudson's Bay, $430.00
Grey carry-on bag: Boes (Lug), $125.00
Black travel wallet: Boes (Lug), $33.00

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