How to style a scarf into your updo


If you’re anything like us, you get up in the morning, glance in the mirror and think for a split second that you’d like to try something different with your hair. Then….you style it the exact same way you usually do! Sometimes all it takes is a simple idea to inspire something fresh - like this super fun hair tutorial.  Breathe new life into those cute scarves hanging in your closet (or pick up that pretty new one you’ve had your eye on!) by tying one around your updo instead of your neck. This style also gets bonus points for getting you through an unwashed hair day!

Here’s how to get the look:

Step 1:
Part hair slightly off centre. Starting behind the ears, section hair into four pieces, on each side of the head.

Step 2:
Use a curling iron to horizontally curl each section.

Step 3:
Gather the back section of hair into a high ponytail and curl the ponytail pieces.

Step 4:
Tie on your scarf, making a knot at the top of the head and tucking in the ends. Use pins at the base of the head to hold the scarf in place.

Step 5:
Use a comb to soften the curls and back comb the ponytail, and use firm-hold hairspray to make sure your look stays in place!

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