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If you’ve ever been curious about eyebrow threading, or just struggled to get the brows of your dreams on your own, this is the post for you. We volunteered to go under the thread, so to speak, and we filmed the whole process from start to finish so that you can see exactly how it all goes down. Check out the before, the after, and the very fascinating middle by watching our video.

The scoop on eyebrow threading
Eyebrow threading originated in India, and most people providing this service today have been trained in India, including Surjit, our kind and talented threading expert and owner of Fashion Brows. Training is important, because eyebrow threading is extremely precise; Surjit told us she can (and does) literally pinpoint one hair to remove when getting your brow shape just right. Proper training also develops the ability to determine the best shape for your brows and your face, so you don’t want to sit down in just anyone’s chair.

Before you go
Surjit recommends letting your brows go untouched for about 2 weeks prior to your first appointment for the best results. That said, two of the three Spark team members who got our brows threaded did so spontaneously – as in immediately after seeing the great results on Alex here – and were just as pleased. But if you want to get the most bang for your buck, lay off the tweezing or waxing for at least a couple of weeks before you get threaded.

The process, and the pain (or lack thereof)
Eyebrow threading pulls your brow hairs out by the root (as does tweezing or waxing). How painful you find, or don’t find, threading is going to vary a little from person to person, with some of our team finding it moderately painful, and others finding it not at all painful and actually quite relaxing. This will likely depend on factors like how often you normally tweeze your brows, how much you’ve let your eyebrow hair grow prior to your appointment (ie. more hair probably results in a bit more pain), and just your own general tolerance. But the moral of the story is, the pain is moderate if anything, and certainly nothing at a level that should make you avoid trying threading.

The entire process is also super fast – 5-7 minutes fast. You’ll be hearing Surjit say, “Done!” before you know it, and enjoying your flawless brow shape immediately after. Most people have no redness or irritation afterwards, which is a huge plus if you have sensitive skin, and for most, a big difference from waxing. Tweezing can cause hairs to break off rather than pulling out by the root, leaving a ‘shadow’ that is not there with threading.

Surjit recommends heading back for touch-ups around two weeks after your initial appointment, if you’re not doing any up-keep at home. You can push that to around four weeks by doing some basic maintenance yourself, tweezing strays hairs. Just avoid going into the actual shape that the expert created for you, and you should be able to keep things pretty well-maintained between appointments.

The final verdict
If you’re in or around Winnipeg and have any interest at all in shaping your brows, run, don’t walk, to Fashion Brows. Seriously – threading is that good. We went in interested and curious, and came out fully devoted to a new brow routine.

While brows are the topic of the day, get some tips from our makeup artist on how to use a single brow pencil to perfect your look in our video here. And finally, we’d suggest that having your eyebrows threaded is a great way to prep for a little winter getaway… another great way to get ready is to grab a new swimsuit! See our favourite styles in the Centre right now here.

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