How to “Bake” Your Concealer


First there was contouring, then there was strobing, and now there’s a new makeup trend that is all the rage in the beauty world: baking. It’s a foolproof way of using powder to set your concealer for flawless coverage that will stay put all day. You can thank Kim Kardashian for taking this technique to the mainstream, but the baking method has been around for years, specifically in the drag community. Although it may not be practical for everyday, it’s great for events where you want to look extra flawless, and need your makeup to stay perfect all night.

Start by applying your concealer to areas you want highlight – this is typically under your eyes, and just blow your contour. Then apply a layer of translucent powder over the concealer. Now the fun part! Let the powder rest (or “bake”) for 5-10 minutes. The concealer will begin to fuse with the powder to form a smooth, opaque surface. Brush off the excess powder with a large fluffy brush, and be amazed at how camera-ready you look.

Watch the video above to see how it’s done!

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