9 Fashionable Accessories For Your Tech


Our tech is literally always with us, so why shouldn’t it look as stylish – and work as hard – as we do? With the amount of cases, bags, mobile chargers, and more out there, it’s certainly not hard to opt for accessories that flaunt your style while serving a functional purpose. If you, like us, are always looking for something to dress up or increase the functionality of your phone, tablet, and laptop, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite options in the Centre right now.

If it’s a new smartphone case you seek, there are literally hundreds of options. Chapters is a great choice if you’re looking for something pretty, like a clear-and-gold pattern or bright turquoise. Not everyone is a fan of flashy cases, and if you fall into that category, you can’t go wrong with chic brown leather. A wallet-style case will protect your phone and hold your cards and cash – a feature which you will grow to love immediately. Protective casing extends to your tablet and laptop with functional but beautiful options in both a handbag style, like this olive-and-brown bag from Bentley, or sleeve style, like this Matt & Nat stunner from Boes.

If you’re guilty of always being on your phone while out-and-about, you obviously need a pretty mobile battery charger in your life. Small portable chargers are definitely convenient, while the larger external batteries have a place if you need to keep your phone alive at an event or while you’re travelling.

Then there are the clever little items you never knew you needed, but once you have them, can’t live without. A peel-and-stick smartphone wallet sticks to the back of your phone and holds your cards so you always have them at the ready – we can see this being the perfect place to keep you Peggo card handy. And if searching for tangled up headphones at the bottom of your purse is not exactly your favourite thing, a cute little Matt & Nat case will eliminate that problem from your life.

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Visit St. Vital Centre to shop the looks featured in this post (check stores for availability):

Gold-and-clear phone case: Chapters, $44.95
Marble notebook: Chapters, $14.00
Candle: Chapters, $18.00

Turquoise Otterbox phone case: Chapters, $54.95
Mophie Powerstation external battery: Wireless Wave, $59.99
Turquoise notebook: Chapters, $12.95
Candle: Chapters, $18.50

Brown, olive, and black laptop bag: Bentley, $89.99
Brown leather phone case/cover: Cellular Dynamic, $18.75

Matt & Nat laptop sleeve: Boes, $29.99
Matt & Nat headphones case: Boes, $40.00

Purple power bank: Cell Mechanics, See store for pricing
Peel-and-stick smartphone wallet: Cell Mechanics, See store for pricing
Turquoise notebook: Chapters, $12.95

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