3 Before-and-After Brow Makeovers


The power of perfect brows is NOT to be underestimated – they can literally change your entire look. That said, it can be super tricky to hit on the perfect shape or colour for you, and just as tough to keep it up. Fortunately, there are experts for that. Fashion Brows is ready and waiting to do the groundwork – and the upkeep – for you! We enlisted three volunteers to undergo brow makeovers and let the experts at Fashion Brows shape, thread, and tint their way to the perfect set of arches.

While Melissa and Roxanne were looking to refine the general shape of their brows and clean up stray hairs, Cindy was interested in tinting to cover some gray that had started to creep into her brows. All three of our models were thrilled with the results of their makeovers, and surprised by the longevity of the treatments – two months later, they’re just now looking at rebooking for a touch-up. That long-lasting effect makes threading or tinting perfect for any traveling you’ve got planned this year.

Check out this video for DIY brow-defining products and techniques you can do at home to get your best set.    

Visit Fashion Brows in St. Vital Centre for the brow services listed above:

Brow threading: $15
Brow tinting: $16
Additional services available

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