The 5 Bra Styles You Need in Your Undies Drawer


Ladies, can we get a little personal? Is it not completely true that an ill-fitting bra has the potential to not only make or break your outfit, but also flat-out ruin your day? That’s why we’re so thrilled that Diva Lingerie has opened up at St. Vital Centre. We have lots of great lingerie options in the Centre, but Diva specializes in complimentary custom bra fittings for luxury labels in sizes 28 to 46, A to K. They really do offer their support to everyone!

We went straight to the source to find out the key bra styles that round out your undergarments wardrobe. Here’s what will get you through just about anything:

1. The Smooth 9-to-5 Bra
This is your go-to everyday bra, the workhorse of your underwear wardrobe. It’s your most comfy, makes you feel great, and fits well under most of your clothing. If you only manage to upgrade one item, this is it. The fit experts at Diva say the key qualities that indicate a perfect fit are: the back panel is level with the front and doesn’t ride up, the cups hold the breasts fully with no extra space and the centre piece lays flat against your chest, holding your bra snugly in place.

2. The Seamless T-Shirt Bra
When we’re going for the ease of a t-shirt, the last thing we want is to see lumps and bumps or, heaven forbid, anything too revealing. We need a bra that fits like a second skin, leaving everything seamless. That’s where the t-shirt bra comes in, and why a great fit is so important. If you skimp on the cup size, you’re bound to run into the dreaded double boob – and NOBODY wants that!

3. The Sexy Push-Up Bra
Whether it’s just for you or to show off to someone else, a sexy bra can leave you feeling naughty AND nice. It really comes down to personal choice when choosing a sexy bra for yourself. You can go for vampy black lace or angelic white silk, bright patterns or intricate, feminine details. The main thing to remember are those fit guidelines, because nothing spoils the mood faster than tugging at a poor fit.

4. The Strapless or Convertible Bra
We all have that dress in our closet – the one we absolutely love, but doesn’t work with any of our bras. It’s well worth it to invest in a great strapless or convertible bra, so that when you do pull out that dress, you’re not fighting with your bra all night. Look for styles with removable, convertible straps for maximum versatility, rubber strips for extra grip, and a secure, snug band that will keep things in place as long as you need.

5. The Sports Bra
If your workout includes any sort of sweating, moving or bouncing, you’re going to want to make sure you have the extra support that comes from a well-fitting, well-constructed sports bra. Look for lightweight and wicking fabric; wide, comfortable straps; and good back coverage. You should be able to forget about your bra while you concentrate on your workout.

BONUS: The Nursing Bra
For those new mamas taking on the nursing role, a great-fitting nursing bra is so important. Having to open and adjust it multiple times a day requires great function, and with it being your main wardrobe piece for such a big chunk of your life, having a pretty one doesn’t hurt either. If you’re a larger cup size to begin with, the extra support will be welcome during this important and transitional part of your life.

What are your must-have bra styles? Do you get professionally fitted?

See a style you like? Visit Diva Lingerie in St. Vital Centre to shop the bras and underwear in this post (check store for sizes and availability):
1. Smooth black bra and underwear set: Empreinte Melody, $182 & $89
2. Nude seamless bra and underwear set: Marie Jo Avero, $138 & $62
3. Blush padded push-up bra and underwear set: Empreinte Irina, $195 & $90
4. Black and nude lace strapless bra and underwear set: Empreinte Melody, $198 & $89
5. Sports bra: Anita Momentum, $120 
6. Grey nursing bra and underwear set: Anita, $89 & $30

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