Shirt + Tie Combos for Your Summer Wedding Schedule


If your summer calendar includes a wedding or six and you’re starting to worry that all of your friends’ Instagram feeds are going to turn up photos of you wearing the same shirt and tie combo to each one, we’ve got your back. We scoured the stores for 10 options for summer-friendly dress shirts and eye-catching ties to help you keep it fresh this wedding season. Just don’t spill your drink on it halfway through the night – we can’t help you with that.

Mix It Up!
Mixing patterns is a great way to have some fun and stand out from the crowd of wedding-goers. It’s also not as tricky as it may look. Just remember that it’s all about balance – compliment a big, bold pattern with a smaller, more subtle one. To make sure the look feels intentional, choose patterns with at least one similar colour.

(Bow)tie One On
A regular tie is cool, but you can instantly change your look by swapping in a bowtie. This is a great option if you want to repurpose the same shirt, but still have a slightly different look for your next occasion.

A Little Texture Goes a Long Way
If bold florals and colourful patterns aren’t for you, you can still exude sartorial expertise by remembering that texture is your friend. Choose a tie in classic colour like black, grey, or navy, but go for something with an interesting texture to level your look up a little. Or, grab a shirt or tie with an embroidered pattern so subtle it could be missed from afar, but will get a second glance up-close.

Once you’ve made your choices, get the perfect knot by checking out our tie-tying tutorial right here.

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Combo 1:
Deep navy shirt: RW & Co., $69.90
Floral tie: RW & Co., $49.90

Combo 2:
White and green floral-patterned shirt: Le Château Mens, $69.95
Green bowtie: Le Château Mens, $29.95

Combo 3:
White shirt with understated pink pattern: Hudson’s Bay (Van Heusen), $39.99
Navy tie with tiny embroidered floral-and-leaf pattern: Hudson’s Bay, $29.99

Combo 4:
Bold navy and pink floral-patterned short-sleeved shirt: Le Château Mens, $59.95
Gray textured tie: Le Château Mens, $19.95

Combo 5:
Colourful zigzag patterned shirt: Tip Top Tailors, $95
Navy tie: Tip Top Tailors, $30

Combo 6:
Square-and-dot patterned shirt: Tip Top Tailors, $70
Burgundy bowtie: Tip Top Tailors, $45

Combo 7:
Blue and white blocked stripes patterned shirt: Tip Top Tailors, $95
Deep crimson tie: Tip Top Tailors, $30

Combo 8:
Red floral patterned shirt: RW & Co., $79.90
Baby blue tie: Hudson’s Bay (Calvin Klein), $75

Combo 9:
Mustard-yellow shirt with leaf pattern: RW & Co., $69.90

Combo 10:
Tiny blue-and-gray floral patterned shirt: Le Château Mens, $69.95
Cream tie with rose pattern: Le Château Mens, $39.95

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