These are Fashion’s Most Underrated Accessory


We’re calling it: glasses are officially the most overlooked and underrated fashion accessory. If you wear glasses daily, having a couple of pairs to go between just makes sense, and if you usually wear contact lens, having a great pair of glasses to swap in occasionally is not only good for your eyes, but a great way to switch up your style. Look at glasses as a chance to compliment your personal style, play with your look from day to day, and keep things fresh. To help you embrace your nearsightedness, your farsightedness, your astigmatism, or any other reason you’ve got that lens Rx, we’ve picked out a handful of our favourite frames this fall. Overlooked no more!

While we’re celebrating the details, check out how different accessories can completely transform a simple, classic look right here, and how just one product and some simple tips can get you the brows of your dreams right here.

See something that caught your eye? Visit St. Vital Centre to shop the looks featured in this post (check stores for availability):

Ralph Lauren black and gold frames: Pearle Vision, $245
Ralph Lauren tortoiseshell frames: Pearle Vision, $275
Seafoam frames: Hakim Optical, $199
Ray-Ban aviator frames: Lenscrafters, $213
Red circular frames: Hakim Optical, $139
Calvin Klein pink and black circular frames: Pearle Vision, $229.95
Orange frames: Hakim Optical, $199
Giorgio Armani black circular frames: Lenscrafters, $213
Michael Kors clear frames: Lenscrafters, $169

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