So… Scrunchies? We Investigate.


Never say never, friends. Here is it, 2018, and we’re considering wearing scrunchies in our hair. Yes, that weird, poofy, surprising ineffectual hair tie favoured by the neon-loving gals on Saved by the Bell that we swore we’d never be seen wearing out of the house again. But now, we’re watching the scrunchie pop up on fashionable people more and more, and wondering if it’s time to eat our words. Scroll through our scrunchie experiment here and decide for yourself whether you’re going to give it another chance or not.

It’s worth noting that we used a regular hair elastic underneath the scrunchie in these looks, to ensure that everything stayed in place. Going scrunchie-only will depend on both your hair type – Melissa has very long, VERY thick hair – and the style you’re after. If you’re ready to take the plunge, check the list at the bottom here to see where you can find your very own post-millennium scrunchie, and if you do try it out, let us know with pics, please? We’re still in the research phase. 

While we’re talking about trends that you never thought you’d be wearing again… fanny packs are back too, and they’re not what you remember. Check out a round-up of our favourite hands free styles here.

See something that caught your eye? Visit St. Vital Centre to shop the looks featured in this post (check stores for availability):

3-scrunchie variety pack (corduroy red, corduroy grey, and blue and red floral): American Eagle Outfitters, $12.95
3-scrunchie variety pack (blue paisley, brown paisley, cream silk): American Eagle Outfitters, $12.95
Blue, white, and red striped scrunchie: Garage, $3.95
Polka dot scrunchie: Le Chateau, $12.95
Varsity stripe henley pullover sweater in blush, honey, and navy: American Eagle Outfitters, $44.95

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