Style Guide: iPhone Cases For Every Personality


Let’s be real here: your phone is your most used accessory, and it deserves to be as well dressed as you are. A new case will magically make your phone feel brand new, which is perfect if you’ve been holding out for the iPhone 7 and getting a little bored with your current device. But even better, your phone can also say a ton about your personality, and – like the rest of your style choices – be a great way to express yourself. So whether you’re feeling girly, adventurous, or practical, we’ve made sure to cover all the bases with a collection of cases that will protect your device, and say a little bit about you at the same time.

For the trendsetter – Kate Spade is known for her chic-yet-playful designs, and this case is the ultimate embodiment of her style. It’s the perfect shade of hot pink, and has cute orange and white polka dots that make it feel extra fun. The case also has a durable, impact-absorbing shell that will guard your device from any scratches or scuffs. (For iPhone 5/5s: Chapters, $44.95)

For the girly girl – Nothing does feminine better than floral, and this rose pattern is one of the prettiest designs we’ve seen in a long time. The soft, painted illustration style is so beautiful, and the pink and green flowers pop against the cream-coloured background. This case brings a little of the outdoors in – almost like constantly having fresh flowers on your desk or table. Who doesn’t want that? (For iPhone 6/6s: Boes, $14)

For the traveller – If you have the travel bug, there’s nothing like a gorgeous desert scene to show off your burgeoning wanderlust. This case has a funky bohemian feel with white tribal detailing that adds unexpected interest. Your phone will look like artwork in your pocket, and keep you dreaming of your next adventure. (For iPhone 5/5s: Urban Behaviour, $5.99)

For the organized – This case is a chic choice for anyone who wants their iPhone case to double as a wallet. This option holds your cards and cash along with your phone, which is perfect if you want to run to the grocery store sans handbag, or need to fit everything into a small clutch. The metallic clasp adds a touch of luxury and will keep the case closed to protect your belongings, and the navy blue and bright lime are a fun, but still grown-up, contrast. (For iPhone 6/6s: Gizmos Galaxy, $25)

For the romantic – Not only is this translucent case stunning, it’s ideal for anyone who wants to show off the colour of their phone. iPhones are quite stylish already, and alternating clear and metallic stripes will let your device shine through, emphasizing its inherent appeal. Kate Spade does it again with an understated design and cool, mysterious quote that will intrigue your friends. (For iPhone 6/6s: Spareparts, $55)

For the glamorous – When it comes to accessories, everyone needs a little sparkle in their life. This glittery case is jam-packed with sparkle and looks gorgeous when it catches the light. The sparkle-overload is balanced with white borders and a gold outer rim to keep things sophisticated, and avoid feeling immature or overbearing. (For iPhone 6/6s: Boes, $15)

For the quirky – As huge Harry Potter fans, we can’t get enough of this case. It’s so subtle that it works, and the minimal design makes it feel relevant and clever. This is a cute case that will appeal to anyone who loves simple illustrations, even if you aren’t a diehard fan of Hogwarts’ most famous alumni. And if you’ve always loved Harry, this is an adorable way to let your Potter flag fly. (For iPhone 5/5s: Cellular Care/Dynamic Cellular, $14.99)

For the ‘show off’ – If there's any time of year to go for a glitzy accessory, it's now. Faceted gold is perfect for the winter season, so why not let the spirit of the holidays live on a little longer through your phone? While this case might not be for everyone, it’s perfect for those who want to make a glamorous statement. (For iPhone 5/5s: Claire’s, $10.75)

For the outdoorsy – Wooden accessories are trending, and we can see why. This case feels rustic, yet still modern and stylish. According to the brand (Revolve), they combined real wood with a splash of vibrant white using premium UV inks to achieve the finished design. This sophisticated printing process makes this case extremely resistant to scratching and everyday wear-and-tear. (For iPhone 6/6s: Spareparts, $52)

For the minimalist – Let’s face it, you can never go wrong with all black. Whether you’re picking up a case for your man or just prefer a more stripped-down style yourself, this case has you covered. The sleek, all-black shell with thin silver lines is a classic option that will work for either sex. (For iPhone 6/6s: Boes, $14)

Which case was your favourite? Let us know in the comments! And if you don’t have an iPhone, don’t worry – most of these cases are also available for Android devices. Let us know if you’d like to inquire about a specific model.

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