4 Pajamas to Wear Over the Holidays


No matter how old you are, nothing beats the feeling of opening gifts Christmas morning in your pajamas. Of course, we would never wear our actual sleepwear on Christmas Day. It’s an opportunity to pull out our "special occasion" pajamas, and luckily, the Centre’s stores are filled with a ton of festive options. Even if you’re not wearing your pajamas on Christmas morning, you could totally lounge around in these comfy outfits over the holidays.

Here are four of our current faves:

When you’re lounging at home during the holidays, you want to be comfy, yet still pulled together – in case someone surprises you at the door. Simple leggings with striped detailing at the ankles are just fashionable enough, and make for cozy pajama bottoms when paired with a comfortable t-shirt. This is a great sleeping combo because there aren’t any buttons or snaps that could irritate you during the night. During the day, throw on a cozy textured sweater to keep warm while watching TV with the fam. And if you’re in a rush to be somewhere (or just want to run out for more popcorn!), you can easily swap the leggings for a pair of jeans and be on your way. Talk about #IWokeUpLikeThis! ;)

The only thing better than an all-day Netflix binge is an all-day Netflix binge in an adorable onesie. Chances are you won’t be seen by many people, so why not choose something fun and different? And it’s not just us – you may have seen Miley Cyrus rocking her onesie recently, although, we’re less into her unicorn style and more about this cool Wonder Woman pattern. While a onesie may not be the most practical outfit to wear out of the house, it will keep you cozy and happy on your laziest of days.

If you’re a hot sleeper, a cute tee and shorts are just what you need to stay cool and comfortable. Not only are these polka dot shorts seriously flattering, they’re lightweight and packable if you’re travelling over the holidays. Instead of pairing this outfit with an oversized hoodie, try reaching for an extra long cardigan and knee-high socks. This adds just the right amount of coziness if you want to be a bit more covered up while opening presents. This PJ look would work for any season, and can be kept fresh by changing out the t-shirt for other fun sayings and designs.

There’s nothing wrong with having matchy-matchy PJs. In fact, we encourage it! The pink-and-red striped pattern is reminiscent of festive wrapping paper, but can easily be worn on any night of the year. We love this style for the oversized, relaxed fit, without looking frumpy. And who doesn’t love feeling chic and luxurious in just pajamas? This material has a smooth, silky feel and won’t shrink or wrinkle in the wash. These pajamas are almost too pretty to wear to bed, making them the perfect set to flaunt on Christmas morning. Fingers crossed you get a pretty sleep mask to match!

Merry Christmas from all of us at Spark! We hope you and your loved ones have a warm and cozy holiday.  

Visit these St. Vital Centre retailers to shop the looks in this post (check stores for availability):

Look #1: Leggings
Grey V-neck sweater: Dynamite, $39.95
Grey leggings: Garage, $29.95
Chunky cardigan: RW&CO, $109.90

Look #2: Onesie
Wonder Woman: Sears, $34.95

Look #3: Shorts
New York long sleeve: Garage, $36.95
Shorts: American Eagle Outfitters (Aerie), $19.95
Cardigan: Boathouse (Harlow), $58
Knee socks: Call it Spring, $14.99

Look #4: Twin-set
Striped PJs: Hudson's Bay (Jones New York), $86 for set
Slippers: Quarks (UGG), $134.98

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