The Ultimate Under $50 Holiday Gift Guide


There are just two weeks left before Christmas and, like you, we’re madly baking, decorating, and crossing items off of our ‘to buy for’ lists. But if you’re feeling the seasonal stress, don’t panic – we did the gift hunting work for you this year! Whether it’s for friends, family, or the lovely lady who delivers your mail, we made sure to find a budget-friendly (but still awesome!) option.

Here’s our complete guide to gift ideas for EVERYONE on your list:

For your 'TV-obsessed' husband – The downside to binge watching your favourite shows is the very long wait between seasons. But now your hubby can vie for control of King's Landing anytime he feels the urge, with the Game of Thrones Card Game. ($34.99, Calendar Club)

For your 'always there for you' grandma – She gives you the warm and fuzzies whenever you’re together, so why not make sure she’s toasty warm all the time? Plus, the cheeky animal-print lining on these slipper mocs will make her smile. ($39.99, SoftMoc)

For your 'weekend game night’ couple friends – Getting together for a casual game night with your closest couple friends has become standard these days, so they’ll love an addition to their collection with these elegantly packaged classics.  ($12, Chapters)

For your 'into everything' toddler nephew – Tech may be the name of the game for kids’ toys now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t introduce him to your simpler childhood glory days with the Fisher Price Classic Toys Collection. The collection includes old-school gems like the record player, viewfinder, and tube TV. ($34.99 each, Calendar Club)

For your 'oldest and dearest' bestie – Treat your best gal to something special with the season's flirtiest new scent, ‘Girl’ by Pharrell Williams. It’s just a bonus that he happens to be her favourite coach from The Voice! ($35, Sephora)

For your ‘always happy to help out’ mother-in-law – Score some brownie points and show her how much you appreciate her, with a luxurious nod to a crisp glass of Pinot Grigio in this freshly scented hand care set. ($20, Fruits & Passion)

For your 'so hard to buy for' teenage daughter – She’s very particular and knows exactly what she wants. But you can surprise her with your trendy insight by getting her a pair of super cute, super cozy Bethany Mota cable knit sweater shorts or sweater tights. Surprise her even more by knowing who the superstar vlogger is! ($22 & $26, Aeropostale)

For your 'the kitchen is my domain' mother - Part kitchen tool, part piece of art – this retro pasta maker will look great on her counter, and she'll love showing off her homemade pasta at Sunday family dinners with the grandkids. ($29.99, Think Kitchen)

For your 'I just need socks' younger brother - If socks are what he wants...that's what he's getting! But he won't be expecting the fun factor (stripes, island landscapes, and houndstooth) or the comfort factor (premium cotton and reinforced heel and toes) of these very cool styles. ($18/pair, Spareparts)

For baby's 'first Christmas' - Since you can guarantee those sweet little ones will be in absolutely every photo this holiday season, dress them up in the cutest and most festive onesie you can find. ($12, Chapters)

For your ‘impossible to buy for’ dad – Is there really anyone more difficult to buy for? He always claims he doesn’t want anything, but we know a classic tie featuring his beloved Jets will make him look forward to getting dressed up for special occasions. ($49.99 each, Jets Gear)

For your 'ready to go at a moment's notice' gift – Whether it’s to bring to a holiday dinner party for the hostess or to send to school for the teacher, there are always plenty of those last-minute gifts needed this time of year. These holiday chocolates in festive boxes will please everyone and look great – no wrapping required. ($9.99 each, Laura Secord)

And if you’re still looking for one more perfect gift, a St. Vital Centre Giftcard is always a smart (and stylish!) choice. You can grab one in denominations of $5 to $500 at Customer Service or online. And to make giving a Giftcard even sweeter this season, we’re donating $1 to the Christmas Cheer Board for every Giftcard sold. Happy gifting!

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