Anatomy of an Outfit: Meghan Markle


Exactly one month from today there’s a little something known as The Royal Wedding happening across the pond, and we’re here to tell you that we’ll be tuning in. We’ve long been fans of Meghan Markle’s style, not to mention her work as an actress and World Vision ambassador. In honour of Ms. Markle’s upcoming nuptials, we’re breaking down and recreating one of our favourite looks from her pre-princess days. Try it out, and who knows – maybe your own fairytale will come true.

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Meghan’s style tends to lean toward the classic. While always flawlessly on point, she sticks to a pretty neutral colour palette for the most part, and generally chooses pieces that are undeniably stylish but rarely trendy; we get the sense that she knows what she likes, knows what she’s comfortable in, and has the confidence to stick to her lane regardless of what everyone else might be doing. The key to nailing her style is perfect fit and a fine eye for detail – let’s break down the look above to see how that plays out.

The elements: the perfect crop + leg-lengthening pants + classic coat + statement bag

The perfect crop: While Meghan’s midriff-baring days might be mostly behind her now that she’s bound by the Royal Family’s dress code, we can still take inspiration from this perfect amount of skin. The slice of midsection showing here really adds interest to the look, and it breaks up what would be head-to-toe black, defining her waistline. The key to this staying so chic is that her pants hit perfectly at her natural waistline, above the bellybutton, and the crop top falls mere inches from the top of the pants. Less is more when it comes to nailing this effect.

Leg-lengthening pants: As mentioned, the pants need to hit at the perfect spot to really nail this look. Choosing a wide-leg pair that falls nearly to the floor will make your legs stretch to lengths you’ve previously thought impossible. That wide silhouette also offsets the slice of bare skin, keeping things super classy.

Classic coat: Let’s pause for a moment of respect for Meghan’s coat collection. Seriously, do a Google image search and scroll – this woman has a bevy of gorgeous coats rivalled in greatness only by her soon-to-be sister-in-law (that would be Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge). To copy this particular coat, we looked for a few details: that classic camel colour, the wide, relaxed lapels, and the perfect just-above-the-knee length. (PSA: If you’re looking for more great choices for coats this spring, we’ve rounded up our favourite finds here.)

Statement bag: The cherry on top of this look is the bright pop of her statement bag in a gorgeous deep blue. The structured shape of the bag compliments the flowy nature of the rest of the look, and the blue pops so beautifully against the camel coat.

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