How to Wear this Season’s Prettiest Hair Accessory


Spring is officially sprung! With the climbing temperatures, longer sunlight hours, and soon-to-be-blooming flowers, we’re finding ourselves drawn to feminine, romantic beauty looks these days. Enter the hair accessory of the moment – the hair ribbon. If this sounds a little too Little House on the Prairie for you, let us be the first to challenge you to take a second look! Watch our video here for three beautiful and modern ways to tie a ribbon in your hair.

Fabric stores and craft stores are great places to look for pretty ribbon options. Try a thicker ribbon in a striking colour for a more dramatic look, or stick with thinner styles in more subdued shades for a more delicate approach. PSA: Thinner ribbons will also generally be easier to tie, if making a pretty bow feels daunting to you. On that note, a bow isn’t the only way to wrap up your style – a simple knot with both loose ends to one side is so pretty, and couldn’t be easier.

Get the perfect last-all-day rosy glow to go with your new spring hair accessory by checking out this tutorial on how to master liquid blush.

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Floral top: American Eagle Outfitters, $44.95

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