Create a 5-Star Hotel-Worthy Bathroom


If a vacation isn’t in the cards for you right now, create a little oasis in your home so you can escape anytime you’d like! Transforming your bathroom into a 5-star hotel-worthy space is easy with a little trip to the Centre. 

Plush is Best
The best part of a hotel experience is the plush white towels. Opt for the larger sheet-sized towels for extra decadence. Add matching hand towels and face cloths (pro tip: get darker coloured face cloths to avoid staining with make-up). And don’t just stop at towels: add an oversized terry cloth robe to get the full hotel experience (and maybe a pair of slippers, too).

Spoil Yourself
No need to grab extra shampoo from the housekeeping cart, splurge on toiletries that will make you feel pampered and refreshed. A jar of relaxing bath salts, a hair mask, and calming body lotion can make an extra 20 minutes in the tub feel like a 7-day all-inclusive.

Set the Tone
Turn off the overhead lights and add a few delicious smelling candles. Whether you would vacation in the mountains or on the beach, you can find a scent that will help set the tone and transport you. The soft warm glow will help your brain turn off and engage in full-on relaxation mode.

It’s a Vibe
Keep things simple by pulling inspiration from your current bathroom. Choose accents that complement your fixtures, use neutrals whenever possible, and add elements of nature to create a peaceful retreat.

The Extras
Keep a secret stash of chocolates in a beautiful container on the counter (or tucked into a cupboard if you need to hide them), bring your favourite beverage with you, add a relaxing playlist, and that book you’ve been trying to find time to read. It’s about the experience.

See something you like? Shop the look at these St. Vital Centre retailers:
Bath Sheets: Marshalls, $19.99
Hand Towels: Marshalls, $12.99
Facecloths: Marshalls, $9.99
Brass and Glass storage: Marshalls, $8.99-$16.99
Wooden Cake Stand: Marshalls, $29.99
Wooden Cutting Board: Marshalls, $16.99
Faux Flowers: Marshalls, $29.99
Small Woven Basket: Marshalls, $9.99
Large Woven Basket: Marshalls, $24.99
Candles: Marshalls, $14.99
Mirror: Marshalls, $59.99
Artwork: Marshalls, $24
Hooded Bathrobe: La Vie En Rose, $119.99
Lavender Love Hand Soap: Saje, $12
Lavender & Friends Body Lotion: Saje, $20
Hair Repair: Saje, $20
Goddess Bath Salts: Saje, $12
Salted Caramel Chocolates: Laura Secord, $7.99

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