Our Favourite Products for Aromatherapy


Aromatherapy is not exactly new – in fact it’s been around for thousands of years – but the practice seems more popular now than ever before. Many retailers in the Centre carry home and wellness products that tap the benefits of aromatherapy to help you relax, get motivated, or even fight off that winter cold. To get you started, we’ve pulled this collection of our favourite aromatherapy products that will not just smell great, but potentially make you feel great too.

Diffusers and essential oils are an obvious place to start when it comes to aromatherapy, especially during the dry cold of a Winnipeg winter – we’ll take any extra humidity we can get! There are essential oils and essential oil blends aimed at everything from reducing stress to improving your mood, and even options to help boost your immune system. Essential oils can go beyond the diffuser too; try putting the stopper in your tub and dropping some essential oils into your shower, or check out one of Saje’s many roller options.

Aromatherapy can be found in many other products as well, from a lavender-infused sleep mask to massage oils and bath products. Take a look through the options, start sniffing, and be sure to talk to the helpful staff in any of these stores who can talk you through the benefits of each product and scent.

While in the mindset to try something new, explore three super-wearable colours for people who don’t wear colour. You just mind end up surprising yourself (and your friends) by adding something to your closet that’s not black. 

See something you like? Visit St. Vital Centre to shop the products featured in this post (check stores for availability):

The Body Shop
Spa of the World Japanese Camellia Cream, $36
Spa of the World Thai Lemongrass Massage Oil, $20
Spa of the World French Grape Seed Scrub, $36

Saje Natural Wellness
Super Detox Cleansing Remedy essential oil blend roller, $22.95
Cellucleanse bath salts, $24.95
Lavender & Friends Relaxing Body Wash (75mL), $8.95
Shut Eye Soothing Herbal Eyeshade, $12.95
aromaOm Deluxe diffuser in white, $129.95

Shower Bombs in Sleepy, Koyaanisqatsi, and Karma, $3.25 for 2
Calm Bath Bomb, $4.95
Oaty Creamy Dreamy Shower Cream (100 mL), $12.95

London Drugs
Ellia Pineapple and Lotus Porcelain Aroma Diffuser, $29.99
Yummi White Linen scented candle, $9.99
Spanish Cedar scented candles, $29.99

Auria Happy Set of 3 Diffuser Oil Blends, $35
Rocky Mountain Soap Co. Wellness Bath Salts, $29.50

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