Our All-Time Favourite Summer Festival Wear and Tunes


Shout out to summer! We may not be heading to Dauphin Countryfest or Folk Fest, but we can still look the part and enjoy an outstanding soundtrack for summer. Here is our curated list of all-time favourite festival wear and summer tunes. Some old, some new, there’s something for everyone! Party on, Summer 2021!

You’ll find a little bit of everything on this playlist, from Neil Young to BTS, your summer jams are covered. Track down the tunes your own way or hit shuffle on our very own Spotify playlist:

Sheer Wrap Dress - Teekca’s Boutique

This semi-sheer dress is sure to leave a lasting impression! Show your vibrant side while staying comfy and cool. Tie it up or just let it flow!

Felt Fedora with Metal Band - Ardene

Wearing a fedora or wide-brimmed hats can be intimidating at the start, but it’s easy to find inspiration for stunning looks! Especially when it’s added to flowy outfits or monochromatic looks. Pair it with your favourite pair of jeans and you really can’t go wrong!

Butterfly Bucket Hat - Boathouse

The bucket hat trend gets a refresh in 2021 with more colourful styles and playful or floral patterns. Celebrate the warm weather and joyful season in style with cute accessories like this.

Beaches & Bevies / Campfire & Cocktails - Oh, Canada

Spending the summer out at the cottage? Let everyone know that your heart belongs to summer and the beach while you spend your days out in the sun! Whether you’re all about the campfire or the beach, it won’t be hard to rep what you love with these cozy tees.

Levi’s Shortall - Bootlegger

This retro yet comfy look screams chic and hip, in the best way possible! Overalls have been a trend for a little bit, but it seems like the shorter styles are what’s hot right now. This throwback fit works well with striped tees, blouses and crop tops!

Tie Dye Hoodie - Warehouse One

Looking to capture more of a throwback vibe? Tie-dye is back and hotter than ever! Whether you’re having a beach day or lounging out on the backyard patio, we think this tie-dye sweater fits any mood and any time.

Kiana Kismet Romper - Bootlegger

Rompers are the best of both worlds when it comes to comfort and style. The kismet Kiana romper adds some fun chicness to any outfit with a buttoned front. Throw one on with a jean jacket and you’re ready for anything!

Womens Birkenstock Arizona Sandal (Mocha) - Journeys

No one can deny the comfort and unique look of Birkenstocks. These sandals are well-known for the full support they give your feet throughout the day. Perfect for the more adventurous types looking to see the sights or go on a backcountry hiking trip.

Ray Ban Aviator Flash Lenses - Sunglass Hut

Ah, the iconic and constant staple - the Ray Ban Aviators. And with Top Gun Maverick coming soon, we totally understand why this is making such a comeback. Whether you’re suiting up or going for a more simple, basic look, these sunglasses will add a little extra flair to your outfit.

Classic Tie Dye Pastel Crocs - Blackwell

You can’t talk about tie-dye trends without also bringing up the rise in popularity of pastel fashion! Mix that together with crocs and you have a fun, poppy and attention-grabbing pair of shoes for your summer outfit.

See something you like? Shop the looks at these St. Vital Centre retailers:
Sheer Wrap Dress: Teekca’s Boutique, $39.99
Felt Fedora with Metal Band: Ardene, $18.90
Butterfly Bucket Hat: Boathouse, $15.99
Beaches & Bevies / Campfire & Cocktails: Oh, Canada, $25.00
Levi’s Shortall: Bootlegger, $89.95
Tie Dye Hoodie: Warehouse One, $49.99
Kiana Kismet Romper: Bootlegger, $49.90
Womens Birkenstock Arizona Sandal (Mocha): Journeys, $129.99
Ray Ban Aviator Flash Lenses: Sunglass Hut, $263.00
Classic Tie Dye Pastel Crocs: Blackwell, $65.00

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