Summer 2021 Nails: Our Team Shares Some Favourite Polishes to Choose From


Summer 2021 is the perfect time to step outside of your comfort zone and have some serious fun with your nails. This year we are seeing such amazing options like colour blocking, graphic designs or simply bright, striking colours, there is something exciting for the risk taker in us all. Best part, because of social distancing, people can’t tell if your DIY artwork isn’t 100% perfect, so why not be daring?

We tested a few different brands to see which would give us long-lasting coverage and wear because after all, if you are going to invest the time and money into your nails, you want them to last. All the polishes come in amazing colour selections and we have picked a few that caught our eyes. Check out the results!

OPI "That Hula-rious!" Light, Sage Green
$13.99 at London Drugs

OPI never fails to deliver. This one would be a go-to polish for any detail artwork you may want to attempt as the brush is small enough to allow for great control. The smell was not overwhelming and the consistency made it easy to use. The best part, our tester managed three days of housework before noticing any wear without using a top coat, now that’s amazing!

Essie Expressie #20 Crave the Chaos
$7.96 at Walmart

This polish promises to be quick dry and they aren’t kidding, making it best suited to a solid colour application unless you are a pro. The rounded brush helps a speedy application allowing you to get close to the cuticle line for a nice finish. One tester went four days before noticing slight chipping where a tad too much polish had been applied. Perfect for those of us who do our nails on the run.

Sally Hansen Good. Kind. Pure. #270 Coral Calm
$8.99 at London Drugs

This is Sally Hansen’s 100% vegan and 16* Free (free from specific chemicals) option, something we can all get behind. The rounded brush helped make the application easy. Our testers did report that it took three to four coats to get the full coverage they wanted and it took some time for the nails to feel dry. Without a top coat, chipping could be seen within 12 hours but one tester who used a top coat reported their nails lasted for 4 days. The overall coverage of the polish was not our testers favourite but they felt it was a trade-off they would be willing to make for a vegan, more chemical free option.

Color Club, "Meet me at the Rink"
$9.97 at Walmart

Color Club is a female founded professional brand that has been around for over 40 years, so they know a thing or 2 about great nails. Our testers loved the consistency and the width of the brush, not to mention the odour was not overpowering. The polish lasted from 2-4 days depending on their daily activities and it was easy to remove afterwards. Considering the amazing colour selection for this year, Color Club is worth a try.

Revlon Ultra HD Snap, “Making the Most”
$7.49 at London Drugs

The HD Snap is another vegan 20* free formula that claims to be one coat ready and fast to dry. Our testers found it was easy to use, and the brush was great, but they required 2 coats at least to get the coverage they wanted. Drying time varied but 20 minutes ensured their hard work wouldn’t smudge. Slight chipping was noticed on day 3. With such bright colours to choose from this polish will definitely be on the re-purchase list for summer.

Essie “Skinny Dip”
$9.99 at London Drugs

This classic go-to polish has been a fan fave for years. Essie delivers a quality polish and this colour is so timeless. The polish is smooth to apply thanks to the wide brush. Only 2 coats were required, you may need 3 if you are after a less sheer look. One tester was on day 3 with no signs of chipping in sight. This Essie is a perfect choice if you want carefree beachy looking nails.

From vegan and less chemical containing, to fast drying or easy to use formulas and brushes, summer 2021 has so many amazing options for your nails that will allow you to express your fun, exciting self in just a few swipes.

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