Wide-Leg Cropped Jeans Are In – So How Are We Supposed to Wear Them?!


We’ve been seeing this denim trend popping up around the Centre and on our favourite stylish ladies online, and the cropped length with a wider leg has made us pause a little before jumping on board. Sure, Gigi Hadid and her mile-long legs can pull this off, but what about the rest of us? We’ve taken it upon ourselves (ok, we begged our stylist for help) to show you how to wear this style in a way that won’t send you running back to your skinnies, stat. Here’s what it’s going to take to get us officially into this trend this fall.

We grabbed our jeans from RW&Co., but you’ll find the style almost anywhere this season. It’s a good idea to choose a pair that sits a little higher on the waist in order to lengthen the line of your leg, and if you’re on the shorter side you might find that the trend works best when your shoes have even a small heel. Your shoes are going to be a focal point due to the cropped length, so choose something you love! As we move into winter, you could opt for a full-height boot; just be sure that they are tall enough to fully disappear beneath the hem of the jeans, and slim enough that they balance the volume at the bottom of the pants. Even a slight heel will go a long way here. 

When styling these jeans, it’s all about balance and proportion. It’s going to be a little easier to balance the volume of the jeans by going with a slimmer or more structured top, like this pretty black ruffle sweater or a tucked-in denim button-up. If you go with a top that also has a little more volume, like the striped sweater, be sure to tuck the front of the top into your jeans to keep things feeling put-together, and to define your waist and create a flattering bell shape.

Lastly, when you’re layering on a coat against the crisp fall weather, go with something that is either cropped to be in-line with the waist, or long enough to fall a few inches above the hemline of the jeans.

Now feels like a great time to scroll through our collection of this year’s best fall footwear right here (and while you’re there, notice that the wide wide-leg cropped pant style goes beyond jeans!). 

See something that caught your eye? Visit St. Vital Centre to shop the looks featured in this post (check stores for availability):

Wide-leg cropped jeans: RW&Co., $89.90

Look 1:
Short-sleeved denim button-up: Hudson's Bay (Calvin Klein), $79
Denim jacket: Hudson's Bay (Levi’s), $108
Cream canvas trench coat: Dynamite, $89.95
White-on-white sneakers: Boathouse (Adidas), $110

Look 2:
Striped sweater: Garage, $29.95
Grey trench: Melanie Lyne, $148
Brown heeled boot: Call It Spring, $79.99
Red circular handbag: Hudson's Bay (Steve Madden), $58
Camel beret: Hudson's Bay, $24.99

Look 3:
Black one-sleeved ruffle sweater: Hudson's Bay (Design Lab), $58
Bow heels: Hudson's Bay (Lord and Taylor), $119
Silver bangles: Le Chateau, $15
Silver rings (set): Le Chateau, $12.95
Snakeskin-textured handbag with chain strap: Le Chateau, $49.95

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